Modern Balcony Balustrade Oxford

Dio-Met have recently completed the design, manufacture and installation of a modern glass balcony balustrade system to a domestic property in Oxfordshire. The design used is essentially a bespoke version of our 'Elegance' style juliet balconysystem featuring stainless steel upright baluster posts, clear glass infill panels and a matching stainless steel handrail.


Our customer was embarking on his own self-build and was delighted with the balcony result and the service provided by DioMet :


Just a quick line to say that in my experience of my first self build your company has been the only one to have done exactly what they said on the tin ! A superb job very well done and we can't thank you enough.

Kind regards.

Steve K

Finished image below. 

modern cheap balcony balustrade


Call DioMet to find out how we can assist with your balcony or balustrade requirement on 0114 243 9009 or email us your balustrade enquiry


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