Buying a Glass Balustrade

What is a balustrade?


A balustrade can be defined as a row of repeating balusters, especially one forming a guarding to falls in height between floor levels for a balcony, bridge, terrace or deck.  A baluster, being the vertical spindle or infill material can vary greatly and thus balustrades can come in many different forms and from a variety of materials including steel, glass, timber, aluminium or stone.

A more common understanding is that a balustrade is effectively a fence or railing to protect you from falling to your unpleasant demise, but not all designs are structural and many are used on low-level projects to set boundaries and provide decoration.


Where do I start trying to buy a balustrade?

You are reading this page, so that’s a good start.

Firstly you need to establish to purpose of the balustrade; be it structural or not ( in general terms whether or not it guards a fall over 600mm)  and then choose your preferred design.

Many styles are available and DioMet offer a variety of systems to suit most budgets – designs can include glass, timber, metal or stainless steel.

If your balustrade is a simple run, our online balustrade quote calculators should be able to give you a very good indication of price on our most popular designs and we have ‘off-the-shelf’ juliet balconies in many sizes too– or if you need more advice or a quote on something a little more complicated or bespoke, please send us some photos and call to discuss further.

It is always worth contacting a few companies for quotations for a good comparison.


Quotations are in, what now?


Buying a balustrade is usually a big step, and a significant purchase-  yet quotations can vary greatly, so let’s compare companies.

Do your research! There are many rogue traders out there and DioMet have had to pick up the pieces of many horror stories from unscrupulous traders – obviously mentioning no names! Research the company, assess the website, call the office, search for reviews – all to establish the quality of company your quote is from.

Do they answer the phone?

Do you have technical knowledge?

Can they give references?

And now the big one – ARE THEY LEGAL?


New regulations are in place whereby to sell a structural component such as a balustrade, the company MUST be CE mark registered and approved. This may not mean much to the average consumer but this is critical. If the company is not CE marked, the balustrade is not legal and will be condemned. Panic over however, DioMet are CE marked and comply with all current regulations.


DioMet find that we are often at the lower end of the price range but higher range of quality of company, and product. This being due to our many years in the trade, excellent buying power and efficiency of service, all savings passed on to our customers.

Customer satisfaction is imperative, and as a well-established family run business, here at DioMet we believe we tick all the boxes.


Ordering a balustrade.


Good choice.  Now you have accepted our quotation and would like to proceed we just need a deposit payment to progress the order – you can do this with a quick phone call or bank transfer.

Once paid, our highly skilled draughtsmen will produce a drawing for your approval prior to manufacture – this allows you to check all dimensions work, and that the balustrade is what you expect visually. No nasty surprises here.

Need to alter the design or drawing – no problem. No cost.


Congratulations you have successfully ordered a balustrade. As DioMet design, manufacture, supply and install balustrades nationwide, every day of the working week, we have tailored our ordering process to a slick, simple process that takes no time at all.

Delivery or installation of a balustrade


DioMet supply DIY balustrades day in day out but we also install should you not feel confident or would simply prefer a professional installation. Most general builders and competent DIYers can install our systems with ease due to the pre-manufactured nature – its all made to fit together with minimum site assembly.


Any Questions?


Probably, so ask away – call us on 0114 243 9009 for assistance or email us your balustrade quote enquiry. 

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