A Family Business Built to Last: Standing the Test of Time at Dio-Met Fabrications Ltd.

Here at Dio-Met Fabrications Ltd., we're proud to be a family-run business serving our customers since 1991. We're not going anywhere – our passion for architectural metalwork and commitment to exceptional service are as strong as ever.

This dedication to our craft and our customers was recently exemplified by a heartwarming interaction with a client we haven't heard from in quite some time.

14 Years Later: A Replacement Glass Panel and Lasting Quality

Steven, a customer who purchased a complete glass and stainless steel balcony set from Dio-Met a remarkable 14 years ago, recently got back in touch with a unique request. While the balcony system, supplied only by Dio-Met for self-installation, had served him and his family faithfully over the years, one of the custom-shaped privacy panels unfortunately got broken.

The challenge? This wasn't just any standard panel. It was a specially shaped, raised, and frosted piece designed for privacy, and it needed a precise glazing spec to match to maintain the overall look of the balcony. Not only did the replacement need to be the exact shape and size to fit seamlessly, but it also had to come from the same glass supplier to ensure a perfect visual match as frosted glass can vary between manufacturers. 

Steven’s balcony 14 years later


The Dio-Met Difference: Unmatched Service and Long-Term Support

This is where the Dio-Met difference truly shines. Unlike companies that come and go, offering cheap, mass-produced goods, we prioritize quality, longevity, and exceptional customer service. We meticulously maintain detailed records of every project, including customer information, drawings, and a comprehensive, certified traceable supply system. Thanks to these practices, Steven simply called Rob at Dio-Met, and with ease, we were able to locate his original order details from 14 years prior.

A quick replacement was promptly ordered, ensuring the perfect match for Steven's balcony. We were thrilled to be able to assist him, even after such a long time, and his recent Trustpilot review reflects his appreciation:

"I purchased a full balcony set of glass and stainless steel fittings from Dio-Met almost 14 years ago and got a right first-time delivery which we fitted ourselves. [...] Thanks Rob for helping out in what was a relatively small order but important for us as a family. - Steven"

Investing in Quality and Long-Term Partnerships

At Dio-Met Fabrications Ltd., we believe in building relationships that last. We invest in top-quality materials, meticulous record-keeping, and exceptional customer service. This ensures that our clients, like Steven, can enjoy the enduring beauty and functionality of our architectural metalwork for years to come.

Looking for a Metalwork Partner You Can Trust?

If you're looking for a reliable, family-run business that prioritizes quality, service, and lasting partnerships, look no further than Dio-Met Fabrications Ltd. Contact us today to discuss your project and experience the Dio-Met difference firsthand.



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