Traditional Washing Line Posts


Tips for buying a clothes line pole



1. Go heavy or go home.

Enough of the flimsy imports and mass produced paper thin poles, you need something that's made to last and a heavy duty line post is the only way forward. Buying a heavy duty line post will ensure your loads of washing can be supported, especially large washes of heavy jeans, towels and jumpers without bending or sagging under the weight. Heavy duty generally means both size and steel gauge so look out for posts over 40mm wide and with a steel thickness of between 2 and 4mm.

2. Made to last - Finishes

Most traditional washing line posts are of steel construction and the heavy duty variety should come hot-dip galvanized to ensure longevity of over 25 years. Beware of any primer painted versions or zinc plated alternatives. Many of the thinner poles on the market are aluminium which will stand the test of time, but unlikely fall into the heavy duty category.

Galvanizing is a base finish that can be left alone or can be powdercoated, applying a colour to the pole with a smooth, heavy duty, long lasting paint. The powdercoating top coat can alone offer an additional 15 years of maintenance free weathering.

3. One lump or two?

Never buy a washing line pole that comes in two pieces. A heavy duty pole should be exactly that, one solid chunk of metal to hold up your load.

The problem with jointed poles is that the connection point creates a weak spot and encourages bending and snapping of the pole when placed under stress. Most line posts are 8ft or 10ft in length and fully deliverable through many courier networks.

4. Choose a design that work for you

Everybody will have a different requirement dependent on the location of the washing pole in your garden. There are two main types of traditional washing post available with either tie-off bars to secure your washing line or with a loop facility and a tie-off cleat lower down.

Longer lines will likely require an adjustable pole that can be raised and lowered with the use of a tie-off cleat whereas shorter lines in smaller gardens would be better suited to a fixed tie-off design. Matching wall brackets are also available to attach the other end of your line to a wall or outbuilding when tight on space.

5. Buy British

The decline in the steelwork industry is well known so what better time to buy a heavy duty washing line pole, handmade in England by skilled metalworkers? DioMet manufacture several designs of line post from it's workshop in Sheffield, The Steel City.


New Design Clothes Line Post

A new product has been added to our washing line pole range, our Multi-line post, which offers the facility to use 3no. lines simultaneously whilst remaining compact in design. This clothes pole can now be purchased through our online shop.

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