Commercial Staircases


‘Commercial Staircases’

The commercial world of construction often has a requirement for both basic service staircases to provide functionality with minimum fuss and also more decorative feature staircases with attractive balustrades dependant on the building type


Basic Steel Access Staircases

Often labelled with the familiar term ‘cheap and cheerful’ these basic metal staircases are simply used to provide access and egress to commercial premises for maintenance or as a fire escape. This no-thrills approach will often see a staircase treated in a weather-resistance galvanized finish which requires little to no maintenance. A basic set of stairs is usually accompanied by cost-effective balustrade or handrailing systems, usually with an industrial appearance.

Basic metal cheap fire escape staircase
Galvanized External Metal Fire Escape Staircase

Internal Stair Balustrades

It is common practice in many commercial buildings such as schools, offices and hospitals to use pre-cast concrete staircases with metal balustrade ‘railings’ to form the edge protection barrier. A metal railing design is often the most cost-effective handrail solution but can be upgraded with powdercoating or the use of timber handrails to soften the overall appearance.

Steel stair balustrade commercial school
Steel Balustrade with Timber Handrails

For a more prestigious commercial building, more luxurious balustrade systems may be used such as stainless steel framed glass panels or a completely frameless structural glass design. Many head-offices or newly funded schools tend to opt for a more visually attractive and modern design of handrail system.

Example commercial balustrade and handrails
Example Commercial Staircase Balustrade System
Frameless commecial balustrade design uk
Frameless Design Internal Glass Balustrade Stair


External Commercial Staircases

Feature staircases are not always internal and the main access route to a commercial premises may be via an external staircase which is a great opportunity to bring some kerb appeal to the building with an attractive staircase design.

A basic external metal staircase is always galvanized as a minimum to protect it from the elements however to increase the aesthetic appeal, the stair can also be powdercoated or site painted to match windows or door colour themes.

The railing or balustrade system can again be as basic or elaborate as is required with some clients opting for lavish contemporary designs and others for a more subtle enhancements on the basic stair design.

External Staircase balustrade uk
External Steel Staircase With Painted Glass Balustrade Panels

Commercial Staircase Designs

Wire ropes, horizontal bars or mesh infills can be included in many commercial staircase designs that may not otherwise have been suitable or building regulation compliant in a domestic property- This opens up the design possibilities without the tighter restrictions in place where children are likely to use the stair, such as schools and private homes, whereby gaps in the balustrade must be designed to be <100mm.

Commercial glass balustrade office
Commercial Glass and Stainless Steel Rod Balustrade



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