Oversized Glass Juliet Balcony


Wide Spanning Juliet Balconies

Most juliet balconies are made to suit standard door openings and window reveals however there is often a need for something larger, or much much larger! This is where our wide-span juliet balconies are used to cope with spans upto 5metres without the need for supporting posts.

The traditional door opening sizes for the majority of juliet balconies are 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2100mm and 2400mm which is why we list for sale online our juliets in these standard sizes- Of course there are variations between these sizes but anything larger than a 2400mm balcony can be considered oversized or a ‘wide span’ Juliet.

At DioMet we have developed a large wide-spanning glass juliet balcony system that is structurally tested upto a massive 5metres wide and produced in two finishes; stainless steel and galvanized and powdercoated steel with glass infill panels.  The wider the balcony however, the larger the section of supporting structural steelwork is required to maintain the point loading requirements.

Our latest customer Trish has just purchased and installed two of the galvanized and powdercoated wide span glass juliet designs and opted for a RAL colour paint finish to match her windows, doors and fascia boards which has helped to create a stunning house frontage.

wide span glass juliet balcony uk
Wide-spanning large glass juliet balcony


All our Juliet balconies are designed to meet current UK building regulations and provided with a Declaration of Performance for building control sign off as is required by law under BSEN 1090-1 aka CE Marking regulations. Trish’s dog has kindly, and unwittingly demonstrated the balcony’s compliance with building control known as the ‘100mm rule’ whereby the design must be such that no sphere of 99mm or more can pass through any area of the balcony opening.

100mm juliet balcony glass design
The ‘100mm rule’ captured in a picture


A close-up photo of the balcony shows the quality of the paintwork finish- The galvanized base treatment is often very rough and must be fettled back to a smoother finish prior to powdercoating – oh yeah, and that’s Trish, our happy customer!

wide oversized juliet balcony online
Trish on her new glass balcony



Get in touch with us to discuss your wide spanning juliet balcony requirements on 0114 243 9009 or email sales@diometonline.co.uk

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