Non-Slip Floor Glass


Non-Slip Walk on Floor Glass

Non-slip treatment is the answer to the problem of reducing slip injuries on most hard mineral-based floor surfaces, whether natural or man-made. Our anti-slip treatment is effective not only on our walk-on floor glass but also on ceramic, slate, granite, marble and porcelain.

How does it work?

This mineral based anti-slip surface treatment is not however a ‘coating’ as one may expect. The treatment causes a chemical reaction with the glass surface, creating a semi-permanent invisible ‘tread’, significantly increasing friction and reducing the dangers of wet surfaces without any noticeable effect on the glass itself. Smart huh!?

How is it applied?

Application is very simple, requiring no specialist skills or equipment and generates no noxious fumes as found in other products. The solution is applied in a liquid form initially and then ‘neutralised’ all of which takes around 1 hour to complete.

How long does it last?

The anti-slip treatment is applied by hand in our workshop and will last upto 5 years with one single application, depending of course on the volume of foot traffic and wear and tear it receives. Repeat application of the non-slip coating is simple and can be used both inside and outside- in fact, the wetter the floor, the more effective the slip-resistance.

Is this process similar to acid-etching?

Not really. Conventional acid-etching is based on a very aggressive and hazardous (carcinogenic) chemical called hydrofluoric acid and has been around for many years. Using acid etching is an old-fashioned technique where additional traction is gained crudely by literally dissolving away part of the product surface.

Our anti-slip treatment is much gentler than acid which liberates a small amount of silica contained in the glass, creating microscopic indentations in its surface. The silica then crystallises on the surface of the glass, creating small hard ridges which form the non-slip traction. The treatment does not affect the structural integrity of the glass.

Where can the treatment be used?

We use the anti-slip treatment predominantly on our walk-on floor glass however the product is widely used throughout the world in all industries including hotels, hospitals, restaurants, gyms, swimming pools and airports- basically anywhere a slip accident can occur.


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