Balcony balustrade Northumberland

DioMet design, supply and install balcony and balustrade products throughout the UK on a daily basis and our latest small domestic project has been completed in East Sleekburn, Northumberland. The glass balustrade chosen was a variation of our ever popular stainless steel and glass balustrade system 1 comprising brushed finish stainless steel upright baluster posts, tubular matching handrail and a mixture of clear and frosted toughened glass infills.

The system was designed to be side fixed to achieve more room on the balcony itself with privacy frosted panels to one side and a matching access gate leading to a spiral staircase. Our customer Jon supplied the measurements, backchecked to DioMets design drawings and then installed himself as a DIY project. Deskilling the installation by providing a kit form glass balustrade system allows customers like Jon who have good hands on skills to save money on what is usually the last element of a new build or renovation. 

Completed pictures below.We especially like the use of astroturf floor covering to help bring the outside in. 

glass balustrade northumberland

stainless steel and glass balustrade, northumberland, scotland


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