Choosing a balustrade supplier

Selecting the Perfect Glass or Metal Balustrade System: Choosing a balustrade system for your residence, garden, or workplace is a significant decision. It's vital to have confidence in your supplier since this structure is intended to prevent dangerous falls from heights.

Essential Criteria When Choosing a Balustrade Supplier:

  • Regulatory Compliance: New regulations (well not that new, since 2014) mandate that companies selling structural components like balustrades must have a UKCA mark registration and approval. For the general buyer, this might sound technical, but it's essential for legality. A non-UKCA marked balustrade is illegal and subject to rejection. Rest easy, DioMet is UKCA-marked and adheres to all the latest regulations.

  • Reputation Matters: With the prevalence of unprofessional builders or suppliers, both safety and quality are crucial. It's advised to peruse company reviews, look into testimonials, request references, and gauge their responsiveness and expertise. With over a thirty years in the business, DioMet is a trusted name. Much of our clientele stems from satisfied customers' referrals. Visit our  testimonial page for insights.

  • Quality and Service: The market is saturated with balustrades, some of dubious quality. When opting for a stainless steel balustrade, it's crucial to ensure the right stainless steel grade (316G for outdoor usage). DioMet is committed to top-tier quality and is ISO 9001 certified. As a diligent family-run business, we prioritize impeccable service, ensuring efficient and personalized interactions for all clients.

  • Authenticity Check: In this digital age, it's easy to encounter online facades with no real-world operations. If a balustrade supplier lacks a physical presence or seems evasive, it's cause for concern. It's beneficial to visit their facility, discern their manufacturing prowess, and inspect product quality. While DioMet doesn't boast an expansive showroom, we warmly welcome clients to our location. You can interact with our dedicated team, observe our craftsmanship firsthand, and be assured of our transparency. Also, do check out our user-friendly website!

Wrapping Up: Your ideal supplier is just a few steps away. Gather quotations, delve into the company's history, communicate directly, and ensure their regulatory compliance before proceeding.

While we acknowledge our partiality, DioMet stands out for its prompt responses, competitive pricing, swift production timelines, and top-grade, legally compliant products. Why look elsewhere?



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