Choosing a balustrade supplier


Purchasing a glass or metal balustrade system for your home, garden or office can be a daunting prospect and a decision that should not be taken lightly. Trust must be placed in the hands of your supplier so choosing the right one is paramount – after all this is a structural product designed to stop somebody falling from height.


Key considerations for balustrade suppliers


Are they legal?

New regulations are in place whereby to sell a structural component such as a balustrade, the company MUST be CE mark registered and approved. This may not mean much to the average consumer but this is critical. If the company is not CE marked, the balustrade is not legal and will be condemned.

Fear not dear buyer - DioMet are CE marked and comply with all current regulations.

Are they reputable?

There are too many cowboy builders out there and safety should not be compromised, but nor should quality. Check out company reviews, testimonial pages, ask for references, do they answer the phone? Do they have technical knowledge?

Dio-Met have been trading in balustrades and handrails for over 25years and most of our work comes through referrals of happy customers and repeat business. See our testimonial page for some examples.

Is the quality and service good?

There are plenty of balustrades on the market and many of questionable quality so we’ve heard. A metal or glass balustrade is a significant purchase and one that you will want to last. If purchasing a stainless steel balustrade, ensure you are being supplied the correct grade of stainless steel (316G for external use)

Here at DioMet we assure the highest possible quality products and are fully quality assured to ISO 9001. We’re a hard working family business and our quality and service is second to none, we’ll always take your call, you’ll always be able to speak to the same person and we’ll deal with your enquiry and orders quickly and professionally.

Are they a 'real' company?

In todays modern world it is often too easy to create a fantastic website that has no link to the real world - if you can't visit a balustrade supplier at their premises then ask yourself why not? Can you drop in for a chat? Do they have manufacturing capabilities or just offiering a middle-man service? Will they allow you to see balustrades in production and check the quality? 

At DioMet we do not have a large showroom but all customers are welcome to drop in to discuss requirements and see the quality of our work, items in production and meet our whole team. We have nothing to hide here and no need to cower behind a virtual website ( but we do have a lovely website too! ) 


The answer is simple really. Get your quotes in, research the company background, call the company to get a feel for the business, check they are CE marked and place your order.

Ok we may be biased but DioMet will respond to your enquiry quickly, offer a competitive price, offer quick lead-times for drawings and production and supply a product that is legal and of excellent quality – why use anyone else?

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