Curved Glass Balustrade


Curved Glass Balustrade- Glossop

“DioMet have just installed a curved glass patio balustrade for a customer in Glossop, Derbyshire. The stainless steel and glass system guards a fall in height from the paved patio area to the garden below and follows a shallow curved profile. Click for more information and pictures…..”

Our customer Jackie contacted us after finding our website online when searching for glass balustrades. She provided some pictures and basic dimensions of the area for us to quote against and shortly afterwards instructed the works, which involved:

  1. Site survey to take dimensions
  2. AutoCAD design of the glass balustrade system with integrated washing pole
  3. In-house manufacture at our Sheffield workshop
  4. Professional installation by our trained operatives.

The glass balustrade system Jackie chose was our ever popular ‘System 1’ which comprises stainless steel standards (posts), matching tubular handrail and clear toughened glass secured with our D-shaped glazing clamps.

A large section of the patio is built in a curved profile and the balustrade is designed to follow that curve- The most cost-effective way to achieve this was to facet the glass and roll the handrails to the correct radius. It is possible to curve glass as well, however this is a much more expensive option for minimal visual gain.

curved glass balustrade
Curved Glass Balustrade by DioMet


The installation was undertaken by ourselves, and we opted for the most secure method suitable for use on a paved patio area; core drilling and grout fixing the posts. The core-drilled area is then finished off with a cover rose to provide a clean, neat finish.

One more item Jackie had seen on our website was our stainless steel washing line post, which she wished to incorporate into the design. One post was therefore adapted to include a removable extension with a loop at the top to form a neat solution (the pole is not installed in the photo)


glass balustrade with washing pole
Glass Balustrade


“Hi Rob and Ged

Your team has just finished the installation and we just wanted to let you know how pleased we are.

They were professional, neat, on time (actually early both days), have worked non stop and have done a really excellent job - thank you very much. 

Kind regards


PS I am still disproportionately pleased with my new washing line “



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