New Spine Staircase Design

Transformation by DioMet: Invisible Glass Balustrade Fixing with Oak Cover Plates. 

At DioMet Fabrications Ltd, our passion for bespoke metalwork is not just about producing new products—it's about transforming spaces. The journey from the initial concept to the final installation is as important as the product itself. This ethos is vividly demonstrated in our latest project, a striking before and after transformation that encapsulates our new design: The Invisifix Spine Staircase Featuring Glass Balustrade and Oak Cover Plates.

If you have a custom staircase requirement for your property, contact us at 0114 243 9009 or Our team is always here to help you create the perfect staircase for your space.

Before and After Transformation with DioMet’s Invisifix Stair System


The process began with a comprehensive survey of the client's space, ensuring that each measurement and specification was tailored to the existing architecture. The before image starkly displays the potential for change—a space waiting to be reimagined. Here, the old, tired staircase void stood as a placeholder for potential, a blank canvas for our craftsmen to work their magic.

Manufacture, guided by decades of Sheffield's steelwork heritage, followed the survey. In our family-run workshop, the strength of metalwork met the subtlety of craftsmanship. Each piece was constructed with precision, ensuring that when the components came together, they would do so flawlessly. The wooden cover plates, fashioned from durable and beautiful solid oak, were prepared to conceal the glass balustrade fixings, a feature that would bring a seamless visual appeal to the final design.

Installation is where the true transformation unfolds, as our skilled team brings the components to life within the client's home. The after image is a testament to the transformative power of expert metalwork combined with innovative design. The staircase, now complete, stands as a focal point of the home, offering a sleek and modern aesthetic that enhances the surrounding space without overpowering it.

The invisible fixing system ensures that the glass panels provide unobstructed views and a flood of natural light, while the custom oak cover plate adds a touch of timeless beauty, marrying the contemporary with the classic. The staircase not only serves a functional purpose but also tells a story of quality, innovation, and the detailed craftsmanship inherent to DioMet.

This project exemplifies our dedication to exceeding expectations and redefining standards. We didn't just install a staircase; we elevated the essence of the home, creating a harmonious balance between form and function. Each step up the new staircase is a reminder of our commitment to creating enduring, functional, and visually cohesive solutions that resonate with both commercial and domestic environments.

Experience the DioMet difference with our new staircase design, where every detail is a testament to our ethos of quality and service. Let us take you on a transformative journey from the mundane to the extraordinary, one step at a time.


Obtain a quote for this, or other staircase systems in our shop or contact for more info : DioMet Staircases

If you have a staircase requirement for your home or office, contact us at 0114 243 9009 or Our team is always here to help you create the perfect system for your space.


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