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Replacing solid walls with glass can be an instant way to lighten up dark areas and open up tight spaces that might otherwise feel cramped or claustrophobic. Full size floor to ceiling panels of toughened glass offer a modern, attractive and simplistic way to achieve a lighter, more spacious room or area with ease.

If floor to ceiling glass panels are not an option, on a smaller scale one could introduce sectional glazing panels in the form of a viewing window, service hatch or replace timber door panelling with glass instead.

Glass walls and partitions are a very popular choice for commercial offices, entertainment rooms or home dividing screens between areas. The glass will offer a surprising amount of sound insulation and create a cleaner and tidier feel within the property.

Where privacy is important, a frosted or tinted glass panel system could be used. Frosted glass, or more specifically sandblasted glass can be patterned and tailored to individual requirements – bottom half opaque and the top half clear for example. Opaque glass maintains the level of privacy required but will also allow light through to maintain the aforementioned benefits of glass usage. Company logos can also be etched into the glass with ease for a more impressive corporate finish or used to reflect individuality in interior design.

Toughened glass can be used in a variety of applications throughout the house including staircases, balustrades, decking features, canopies and much more. 



While glass walls certainly look impressive there are of course some practical considerations to bear in mind prior to committing to a purchase. Firstly you should think about the access – where in the property will the glass wall be situated – have you got room to manoeuvre the glass around corners and up stairs as required? – Will you require several smaller panels to achieve the desired effect?

Toughened glass should always be used as it is safe when it breaks, especially in areas where it may be knocked or in areas where children play roughly for example but in DioMets opinion, toughened glass should always be used as a precaution.

Clear glass is great when it’s fingerprint and muck free but is ultimately clear – so perhaps not best placed where there is a high volume of traffic that may walk into it?! Consider glass manifestations ( small round stickers or sandblasted spots) as often seen in offices, airports or on glass doors. 


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