Bespoke Design

Bespoke Design and You

 While browsing Dio-Met Online you may well have found that we offer a wide range of ‘Bespoke’ services.  This means that, while we offer a great (and best of all, affordable) range of pre-designed and ready-to-fit furnishings for your home, garden or office building, we are in fact specialised in providing a truly personalised service to our customers.

 You want a balcony, but you’re not sure if the shape of your building will accommodate it.  You’re interested in a custom handrail or staircase design for your home, but you’re unsure of the best look or fit. Dio-Met can help with any concerns you may have regarding getting the best unique look and fit for your home, building or outside area – you don’t have to always go with what is available!

 Bespoke Surveying and Design

 If you’re interested in a custom fitting solution, but you’re keen to know what things will look like before it arrives, never fear – Dio-Met will work with you on a custom design and solution from the drawing board to the final product – literally!  Using CAD systems and with a little help from measurements and dimensions provided by you, we’ll draw up what we believe to be the best solution to any number of otherwise tricky elements within DIY and fixture fitting.  We can work around a wide array of obstacles and unconventional designs to be able to get you the best look we think we can offer – we’ll let you see the floor plans, what we have in mind, and once we’ve got your word to go ahead, leave the rest to us!  Working closely with you is essential to our process and this is something we insist upon early in the process to ensure that we’re working towards your vision. 

Putting the Puzzle Together

 From here, we’ll work with our talented engineers to draft and create the fixtures and fittings that you have agreed will work best with your dream design.  Ensuring that your creation is adhered to in minute detail is absolute key here, and even after the process is complete we will run the parts necessary for the work through a rigorous quality checking procedure – and we will then ship all the pieces you need via secure courier to make sure that you receive your fittings as safely and as efficiently as possible. 

What Can Be Bespoke?

 We can bespoke design and fabricate virtually all of the products we offer in a wide range of metal, glass, contemporary and stylised options to best fit both your building and your desired design concept.  We offer custom solutions for commercial and personal or private projects, ranging from bespoke options for walk-on and Juliet balconies (both are very popular options for our regular customers), balustrades and handrail options (popular choices for our commercial clients looking to apply a contemporary look to stairwells and other fixtures) to brilliant al-fresco fabrication (we have built custom towers, canopies and entrances for outdoor use).


If you’re either concerned that your property or building may not be ready for our off-the-shelf options or are looking for a truly unique solution, get in touch today and we’ll be happy to discuss your plans in further detail!   


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Bespoke Glass Log Racks

We have recently supplied a customer in America two extra large custom made glass log racks for use beside her modern log burning stove. The glass log racks were shipped over to the USA, delivered to our client's door and assembled in minutes. Easy huh?