Glass Balustrade FAQs


Glass Balustrade FAQs

“When researching glass balustrade systems, there can be an overwhelming wealth of information available, often conflicting over numerous websites so in this blog we answer three of the frequently asked questions relating to glass balustrades….”


Q- Do all balustrade systems meet building regulations?

Glass balustrade systems can be used in a range of different applications including both domestic and commercial environments. Each application will require a different level of key safety factors and load bearing requirements as set out in the building regulations, specifically BS6180.

Loading Strengths- The UDL (uniformly Distributed Load) will vary not only between commercial and domestic applications but also from internal to external uses. The UDL is essentially the strength of the system and it’s capability to withstand certain forces. Internally on a domestic residence the balustrade is required to withstand 0.36kN loading whereas externally it doubles to 0.74kN. The loading strength will often affect the type and thickness of glass used and the post diameter, thickness and spacing for framed balustrades.

Handrail Height – As above, the height can vary with each application but generally 900mm high on stairs and ramps and 1100mm high on landings and platforms. Refer to BS6180 for the full details.

Handrails are not always required but this in itself is a reasonable subject to get your head around so see here for more information :

Legal Requirements - All glass balustrades, as of July 2014 must be manufactured by a CE marked company under the remit of BS EN 1090-2 which still, worryingly, is not a standard met by many balustrade retailers and as such those products are being sold illegally. Luckily however, this is now (slowly) being clamped down upon in the residential sector but also specified and identified more in commercial contracts.

Do all balustrades therefore meet building regulations? No, most certainly not. Do ours? YES! Unless otherwise clearly indicated.

Q- Can I install a glass balustrade system myself?

Our glass balustrade systems are, for the most part, very simple to install with reasonable DIY skills for the average person or tradesman. Most designs are pre-assembled to a large extent and simply screw, slot or glue together however some more complicated designs with spirals or compound angles are best left to the professionals. Occasionally site welding or light drilling may be required but this is usually eliminated where possible at design stage.

Q- What materials are available for my glass balustrade?

At DioMet we have two separate workshops for producing stainless steel products and mild steel fabrications and as such we can offer galvanized, powdercoated or stainless steel metalwork products within the balustrade design. We also often incorporate various timber, aluminium and a wide range of glass types.

Our stainless steel is supplied in both AISI 304 for internal applications or Marine Grade AISI 316 stainless steel for external use. Our stainless steel is mostly finished to 320 grit and provided in a brushed (satin) polish finish. Also available is mirror polished stainless steel which is most popularly used for coastal applications.


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