Hot Tub Privacy Screens


Hot Tub Privacy and Wind Screens

“We noticed recently that many of our DIY package glass balustrade systems are being used around deck and patio areas with hot-tubs installed – the balustrades are often being used as wind-breaks or privacy screens for the hot-tubs rather than as traditional ‘railing’ systems “


So you’ve got a hot-tub in your garden huh? Well, to say we’re jealous is an understatement – Spending an evening out in your garden, relaxing with soothing jets and bubbles sounds like heaven to us!

Here at Dio-Met, our best selling products are our glass balustrade systems which are used in and around the home and garden but we didn’t quite realise the popularity of their use in conjunction with hot-tubs until recently. Our happy customers are often kind enough to provide pictures of their DIY installations, and many of them have a common theme….yep, a hot tub.

Hot-Tub Balustrade With Privacy Screen


Glass balustrades can provide two important functions when used with hot tubs :

1)      Wind breaks – The glass screens will deflect any wind and keep unwanted cold gusts down to a minimum. Traditional railing systems of wood or metal spindles are full of gaps and allow wind to pass through unlike our glazed alternatives.

2)      Privacy screens – When you’re half-naked or worse and enjoying a good old time in your hot-tub, the last thing you want is a neighbour taking a peek…….For this reason, our frosted glass panels, particularly higher versions, are extremely popular to form an attractive but functional barrier.

3)      Bonus perk : Our glass balustrades look stunning too! They work great in both traditional and modern gardens and look the part when surrounding your lovely hot tub zone.


Hot Tub Wind Barrier
Frameless Design Glass Balustrade Hot Tub Wind Break


Hot tub wind break
Hot-Tub Glass Wind Break


At Dio-Met we have a range of glass balustrade systems to suit all budgets – please see our balustrades section of this website for more info on designs and prices or get in touch with us on 0114 243 9009 or email

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