Balconies and Juliets Redditch

Dio-Met Transforms Redditch Development with Modern Balcony Solutions

Dio-Met is proud to showcase a recently completed project in Redditch, where we supplied and installed a total of 24 balconies for a new residential development. This project highlights our expertise in crafting both practical and aesthetically pleasing balcony solutions.

Contact Dio-Met with any walkout or juliet balcony enquiry : 0114 243 9009 or 

first floor walkout balcony metal railings
Dio-Met Walkout Balconies to First Floor Living Spaces


Modern Simplicity and UKCA Certification

The design brief called for a clean and contemporary aesthetic that would complement the existing brickwork of the homes. We delivered on this vision by installing:

  • 9 Simple Juliet Balconies: These simple and functional additions provided a touch of sophistication while maintaining a minimalist look. Each balcony was galvanized and powdercoated for durability and a sleek finish.
  • 15 Walkout Balconies: Measuring approximately 3000mm x 1000mm, these balconies offered residents a spacious outdoor area. Matching metal railings provided a cohesive aesthetic, and anthracite grey decking boards added a modern touch with low maintenance. 

It's important to note that all our balcony components are UKCA certified, ensuring they meet the highest safety standards and comply with all relevant building regulations.

simple metal juliet balcony
Metal Juliet Balconies

Enhancing Lives in Redditch

By providing these balconies, Dio-Met has not only enhanced the visual appeal of the development but also increased the living space and enjoyment for residents. The walkout balconies offer a perfect spot for relaxation, while the juliet balconies add a simple safety feature and allow residents to enjoy the fresh air with open French doors at first floor level. 

Dio-Met: Your Partner for Bespoke Balcony Solutions

At Dio-Met, we specialize in creating balcony solutions for residential and commercial projects. Whether you require simple juliet balconies or expansive walkout areas, our team of experts can design, manufacture, and install balconies that meet your specific needs and aesthetic preferences.

If you're looking to add value and functionality to your property with modern balconies, contact Dio-Met today for a free consultation.


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