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Transforming Spaces: The DioMet Solution

When Lynn, a client from Huddersfield, sought to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of her walkout balcony, DioMet was ready to rise to the challenge. Her balcony, recently upgraded with a composite decking solution, was still bordered by aging metal railings that had succumbed to rust and wear. The contrast between the fresh decking and the old railings was stark, prompting a desire for an update that matched the quality and modernity of her recent upgrade, make the most of the elevated garden views, and to reduce the effects of wind on the balcony. 

Understanding the need for a cost-effective yet transformative solution, DioMet proposed the installation of a side-mounted stainless steel and glass balustrade system. This choice was not merely cosmetic; it was a strategic decision that upheld the integrity of the existing structure, which was still structurally sound, thereby avoiding the substantial costs and disruptions of constructing an entirely new balcony. 

The process began with some light demolition: the old welded metal railings were carefully cut off, and the balcony's ring beam was prepared for the new installation. DioMet's team, equipped with expertise and an eye for detail, drilled the necessary fixtures to secure the new balustrade system. The choice of materials — stainless steel and glass — was deliberate, ensuring durability, low maintenance, and an uninterrupted view that expanded the visual space of the balcony.

The original construction of the existing balcony's metalwork presented a unique challenge with its bolted connections, preventing direct corner fixes with any standard baluster bases. To preserve the integrity of the balustrade design, we ingeniously installed dual posts at each corner and utilized 90-degree glass-to-glass clamps, effectively addressing the issue and maintaining the aesthetic. 

The result is a testament to DioMet's commitment to providing tailored solutions that merge practicality with visual appeal. The new balustrade system not only revitalizes the balcony but also enhances the overall character of the property. It's an example of how DioMet's approach to architectural metalwork — grounded in Sheffield's steelwork heritage and driven by a dedication to in-house manufacturing — can transform a space without losing sight of efficiency and the client's specific needs.

For Lynn, this upgrade represents more than just a new balcony; it's a reinvestment in her home, bringing contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship together in a seamless blend that's built to last.

Before and After: A Story of Transformation 



The before image illustrates the wear of time: rusted and weathered railings enclosing the balcony. It's a snapshot of a space before its potential is realized. The after image, in contrast, showcases the sleek new stainless steel and glass balustrade — a clear upgrade that elevates the balcony to modern standards of design and quality. It's a visual story of transformation, one that DioMet proudly authors with every project undertaken.

Why Choose DioMet?

  • Tailored Solutions: Every project is approached with the client's unique needs in mind, ensuring a personalized result.
  • In-House Manufacturing: Our products are crafted in our Sheffield workshop, guaranteeing quality and authenticity.
  • Sustainable Upgrades: We focus on enhancing existing structures, reducing waste and unnecessary costs.

For those looking to upgrade their own spaces, DioMet stands ready to offer the same level of service and support that Lynn enjoyed — a full service of survey, removal, design, manufacture and installation; a start-to-finish solution. 

If you have a glass balustrade requirement for your property, contact us at 0114 243 9009 or Our team is always here to help you create the perfect system for your space.

Check out our glass balustade designs in the webshop : DioMet Balcony Balustrades


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