Specialised steelwork fabrication


Here at Dio-Met you may well have noticed that we offer a huge range of different steelwork installations and fittings, ranging from glass balconies, balustrades and canopies to galvanised shed security fixtures, steel staircases and cat ladders.  What you may not realise is that we’re also specialists in commercial steelwork – creating strong, reinforced products from scratch with the durability and robustness that only the perfect steel can provide!

Much of our steel product range is geared towards commercial use and we provide a wide array of reliable and affordable items built specifically with the public’s use in mind.  While we use steel in much of our home and internal design range, we offer a few public fixture solutions that you may not have thought about previously – from a single bracket to huge multi-flight staircases!

Our commercial steelwork solutions aim to provide your business with both added security and accessibility to the public.  Need an entirely new staircase building for access out of a fire exit?  Easy.  Need a fresh set of parking bollards to cordon off areas of your car parking access?  We can provide them, too – let us know the size, the shape and even the colour, and we’ll offer a set of heavy-duty area markers that are both quick to create and very easy to install.

Is disabled access a concern for your business?  Our experts can build bespoke mobile access ramps at a size and shape that you require – once again, with a very quick turnaround and at rates that you’ll find hard to beat elsewhere!

If security is your concern you may already be aware that we provide security solutions to outside fixtures such as sheds or motor vehicles.  However, with a little help from our expert steel specialists, we can provide you with high-security bespoke palisade fencing to the specifications you require – just contact us for a quote!  Our security fencing solutions are not only great at keeping unwanted intruders away from your business, but also act as an amazing visual deterrent – a solid, imposing-looking perimeter will do wonders for your commercial security, and Dio-Met can help make this a reality for you.  In a similar vein, we also offer clamp handrailing (which is just as much about protecting people inside) and even parking swing gates to restrict who comes in and out of your car park access! 

As well as our wide range of security and access solutions we can also build bespoke steelwork for you at your request.  Need some basic girders or steel tubing to finish off a project?  Simply let us know the details and our experts will get to work.  Most of our products are created and provided for easy installation and have our guarantee that you won’t need to come back for further supplies for years to come – steel truly is resilient stuff, and weather won’t even cause a scratch!

While you may find the idea of fitting certain steel products or home fixtures yourself somewhat daunting, don’t worry – all of our ranges are built with your ease of installation in mind – and providing you have a toolbox to hand, you’ll be putting together some great-looking, resilient steel fixtures together in no time at all.  If you have a need for steel and you’re interested to see what Dio-Met can do for you, why not call or email for a quote today?


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