Steel Fabrication Sheffield


Sheffield is known as the Steel City due to its wealth of history and association with the industrial production of steel during the 19th century, but what about Sheffield today?

21st century Sheffield is a rather different picture owing largely to the decline in world trade seen in the 1970's and the subsequent production advances of steelworks throughout Europe but the city of Sheffield remains one with deep steel roots.

Manufacture continues throughout the city in various forms but mostly on a smaller scale than as previously seen. Sheffield has become the go-to city for architectural fabrications as many small to medium sized businesses thrive supplying high quality metalwork to the UK and beyond in forms of both carbon steel and stainless steel alike.

Sheffield is home to a wide range of fabrication workshops, laser cutters, machinists, sheet metalworkers and forges, often working hand-in-hand to produce finished items such as steel staircases, balustrades, handrails, railing systems, gates, street furniture and much, much more.

Many companies in Sheffield that are  involved in steelwork fabrication work together, keeping their work as local as possible, offering favourable referrals and thriving within a community with one key material at heart. It is this localised community work-ethic that has helped to maintain Sheffield's steelwork presence and long-standing reputation for its output.

If you're looking for steel fabricators in Sheffield, you won't need to look too hard. Reputable companies like DioMet Fabrications have been trading for decades and often start out small and grow through the generations as trusted, family run businesses that are proud to be work in the beautiful Steel City and be associated with its glorious history. 

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