Washing Line Poles


Dreaming of a garden escape.


Winter is fading away, the nights are getting lighter and you are looking at your radiators full of clothes. No doubt the new exercise bike that you used twice in January has also become a solution for drying clothes too and the whole place is ready for that spring clean. You simply wish they could be strung outside to dry in the light breeze and sunshine in your garden.

At this time of year we start to think about planting vegetables, sprucing up the borders and generally having a garden overhaul, so when considering taking your washing out there with you, which washing line pole is right for you and your garden?

DioMet offer a number of washing line pole designs to suit most garden applications, so here is a rundown of each style. All of our posts are heavy duty, made in Sheffield UK, and made to last. No flimsy imports, no rusting steelwork and a nice looking piece of kit to decorate your garden.

All our washing line posts are made to last well over 25 years. They can be purchased in our standard galvanized only finish which is suitable for use ‘as is’, or painted in any weird and wonderful colours you so choose. The other option is to buy the washing pole in a galvanized and powdercoated finish which we supply just in black as standard but other colours available on request. Powdercoating adds a smooth, hard wearing paint finish to the pole which is a much cleaner and more professional finish than can be achieved by hand painting.

stainless steel washing line pole postfleur de lys metal finial washing line pole post scotlandornate washing line pole wall bracketloop and cleat long heavy duty clothes line postwashing post

The traditional/ ornate washing pole

This was our very first design, made from heavy duty tubular steel with solid 12mm cross bars at the top. Traditional in design with its simple but decorative finial at the end, this washing pole is suited to virtually every garden. The line is fixed in height by the cross bar tie-offs at the top of the pole, which can be used to support upto 4 lines at once.

The modern style washing pole

A very popular design, completely exclusive to DioMet  and manufactured to meet the growing need for a more contemporary drying system. Picture the scene of a grand designs new build, square lines, clean finishes and sharp corners of glass and stainless steel with a matching modern garden, this is not the place for a traditional washing pole but instead a modernised matching design.

Our modern style washing pole is square profile in galvanized and powdercoated metal but is complimented by contrasting stainless steel cross-ties and a stainless steel end cap which gives the modern fusion that was intended by its design.

Loop and Cleat washing poles

Another very popular choice, especially with midgets, ahem, smaller persons. The loop and cleat washing pole design is very similar to our standard traditional washing pole. The difference being that instead of the solid cross ties at the top, there is a loop to attach a pulley system and further down the pole, a bracket to tie off your line.

This allows the line to be raised and lowered with ease rather than having a fixed height, making hanging out the washing easier, especially for the vertically challenged!

Fleur de Lys washing pole

A decorative design washing pole that includes a more detailed top finial in the very popular fleur de lys style. The pole is a square design with the solid cross tie off points as seen in both our modern and traditional style poles.

Stainless Steel washing line pole

Just what is says on the tin, a washing line post made from stainless steel. An adaptable product that looks excellent in both modern and traditional gardens. Highly polished, brushed finish stainless steel looks amazing in a garden setting. Bright, cheery and stinking of high quality, stainless steel washing poles are the ultimate choice to brighten up a tired patch, or enhance a smaller garden setting that needs a little creativity in design. 

Wall Bracket

Not everybody has a large garden and not everybody needs a washing pole to hang their washing from. More often than not however, customers choose to use 1no. washing line pole further into the garden and then secure the other end back to either a shed, outbuilding or to the main house wall.

For this application, DioMet have designed and produced a washing line pole wall bracket that is extremely heavy duty, but also matching in style to almost all of our posts. Much more attractive than attaching a simple cleat to the wall.


Adding a touch of quality to the garden with a nice, long-lasting, British manufactured washing line pole made by DioMet could be one of your tasks for this spring or summer.  The only thing we can’t supply you with is one of those spinning umbrella style poles that tangle up each passing mower-of-the-lawn……but maybe that’s a design for another day.

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New Design Clothes Line Post

A new product has been added to our washing line pole range, our Multi-line post, which offers the facility to use 3no. lines simultaneously whilst remaining compact in design. This clothes pole can now be purchased through our online shop.