What Thickness of Glass?


Which Thickness of Glass

“A question we are asked almost every day is what thickness of glass should be used in various projects including different balustrades, Juliet balcony systems or for walk-on structural floor glass panels. The answer varies but we look at some options of glass thickness and use…..”

What Thickness Glass Should I Use?

If only it were that simple! You just want to know which glass thickness to use right, but unfortunately to answer that question correctly will be largely dependent on several other factors such as the building type, the glass support structure, differing glass spans and intended usage. There is however some generic advice available that can be applied to various glass products or if in doubt, contact a structural engineer for ultimate clarity.

Glass Thickness in Balustrades

The thickness and type of glass used will vary from system to system but generically the most common glass type used in framed balustrade systems and as infills within timber stairs is 10mm toughened. The most common glass thickness in frameless balustrade systems is 17.5mm toughened and laminated for domestic applications.

Glass in Juliet Balconies

The principle with Juliet balcony glass is very similar to that of the above balustrade description whereby 10mm toughened is fairly standard for any balcony system that is framed with posts and handrails and 17.5mm laminated glass is frequently used in frameless designs that do not include a safety rail. Larger span frameless juliet balconies will often either no be feasible or require a glass of 21.5mm or 25.5mm thick.

Walk on Floor Glass

Most people feel slightly uneasy walking on a glass floor panels however it is perfectly safe to do so if the appropriate thickness is used- if you’ve ever been to Blackpool Tower for example, this is an attraction at the top giving a view of the huge drop beneath. Most applications will require the glass to be supported on all four edges and the thickness used will be dependent on the span required. Smaller panes can use 25.5mm thick toughened and laminated glass, medium spans 31.5mm and larger spans 33mm thick. Applications will often arise where a vehicle may need to park on the glass, or a motorbike which would again require a higher level of safety and thus thicker glass.

For walk on floor glass we would always advise seeking the confirmation of a structural glass engineer to clarify which thickness would be most appropriate for your own application as this will vary.


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