Shaped Staircase Glass


Shaped risers in a glass staircase


You see beautiful staircases in glossy magazines and TV programmes like Grand Designs but how do you turn such a dream-product into reality? Well, you either pay through the nose for it (get some quotes, it’s frightening) or you can provide a few simple measurements to a company like Dio-Met who can design the glass for you, and deliver to your door for DIY assembly at a very reasonable rate.

Installing glass is easy, assuming you have reasonable DIY skills, or failing that any local builder or tradesman can install it for you. Simply attach the glass clamp fittings to your timber posts / stringer or handrail; offer the glass into position and secure with an allen key.

All the hard work in creating a glass staircase is in the design and you’ve probably heard the phrase ‘measure twice, cut once’. DioMet simply take your measurements, enter into a clever computer program, design and then manufacture your glass to fit perfectly. Easy huh?!

Toughened glass can be used in many different staircase systems and cut to suit any angle, shape or design as required in order to provide a safe, attractive and modern house feature.

cheap toughened glass stair panels online
Bespoke manufactured toughened glass panel staircase

Need a glass staircase? Here’s the process:

1)      Send picture of the area and basic dimensions to for a quote

2)      Get other quotes

3)      Rejoice at the low quote DioMet provided you with and place your order

Toughened Glass

Toughened safety glass is the standard material used in DioMet's glass balustrades, canopies and juliet balconies. Toughened also known as tempered glass is a type of safety glass processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength compared with normal glass. The tougheni

Types of Glass

What is glass? Glass is a solid, inorganic material that is hard, brittle and usually clear or translucent. Glass has many, many uses in the modern world from bottles to contain delicious beer, jars for our favourite farmhouse pates, chopping boards, mirrors, windows, balconies, doors and much more

Measuring for Glass Staircase

How to measure for glass on a timber staircase. Dio-Met regularly design, supply and deliver toughened glass panels and glass clamp fittings for timber staircases throughout the UK. For customers wishing to save money, the most cost effective way to achieve a glass staircase is to provide us with

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