Measuring for Glass Staircase


How to measure for glass on a timber staircase.


Dio-Met regularly design, supply and deliver toughened glass panels and glass clamp fittings for timber staircases throughout the UK. For customers wishing to save money, the most cost effective way to achieve a glass staircase is to provide us with measurements and to install themselves cutting out any middle-man charges or professional fees. Measuring your staircase is generally straight forward and only requires basic tools or DIY skills.

Where to start

The very first starting point for a quotation and advice would be to forward over by email any pictures of the staircase area and some very basic dimensions. From here DioMet will offer a completive quotation for the glass, clamps and delivery as required.

Happy to order, what now?

Once you are happy with your quotation and wish to proceed to order the glass we would ask for more information to allow accurate manufacture of the glass, there are a few different options here :

1) Provide an exact drawing of the glass including all measurements and angles

2) Provide an exact drawing of the timber stair opening for which DioMet would design in the glass clamps and all gaps equally and determine the glass sizes.

3) Provide a template of the glass - over the years we have had anything from exact timber templates to paper sheets or even old wallpaper.

4) Provide enough dimensions to allow DioMet to determine the angle. We would annotate on the picture of your stairs the required dimensions that would allow us to triangulate the measurements and determine the stair angle.  

There are tools on the market to assist with measuring staircase angles from basic protractors, mid-range digital levels or even smartphone applications.

There is of course always the option to have your staircase professionally surveyed if you are not comfortable with measuring yourself, contact us for a quotation based on your postcode.

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Made-to-measure toughened glass panels for staircases can be bought with ease, view our blog of a recent example project which includes shaped glass around stair risers, fitted with stainless steel glazing clamps.

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