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Balconies are extremely popular – and while they’ve been around for centuries, more and more homeowners are keen to add a sleek and stylish lookout point to their home.  And why not?  They’re a fantastic talking point, they add that all-important value to your property, and providing you’ve got the view, they’re addictive to use (particularly in the summer months)!

You may well have a vision of what a balcony is, or you may well have your own visual design for what you’d like one of your upstairs windows to be converted into.  Even if you’ve no idea what you’re looking for in a balcony and are the type of buyer who will know what they’re looking for when they see it, Dio-Met can help. 

We specialise in bespoke fittings and design solutions in many different areas of home improvement, but balconies happen to be one of our specialities.  We cater for, plan and fit a wide range of different balcony solutions and we’ll be happy to discuss with you which option will benefit both you, your friends and family, and your house the most.  Let’s have a look at some of the balcony types and options available to you, and what Dio-Met can offer you.

Juliet Balconies

The ‘Juliet’ balcony is named after the Shakespeare character who spoke to her lover Romeo from her bedroom window – as they’re designed primarily as lookout points!  If you’re looking for a small but noticeable addition to your home that provides you with a comfortable view out over your garden, Juliet balconies provide excellent and stylish access to the wide outdoors without ever needing to use your home.  A great addition to the home especially when it comes to entertaining guests or showcasing your garden, Dio-Met offers a varied range of Juliet options for your home – how about a classic metal look with balustrade?  Or if you’re after a more contemporary feel, a glass panel Juliet?  We even cater for shaped and curved Juliet balconies, meaning that if you’d like a fantastic arched lookout over the scenery, we can do that for you too.

Walkout Balconies

The walkout balcony does exactly what it name says it does – it allows you to walk out and stretch your legs, again, without needing to leave your home.  Walkout balconies can come in a variety of widths and lengths and are particularly popular with those that like to entertain, wish to add space to their property, or would simply like a nice, refreshing place to sit on warm days looking over the world below.  In any case, a walkout balcony is a great option if you’re looking to add space or add character to your living space.  With ornate and contemporary glass walkout balcony solutions available from Dio-Met, you’re free to choose whether you’d like to walk out into the past, or into the future!

Bespoke Balconies

As mentioned, we are dedicated to bespoke solutions for our customers, meaning that we’ll be happy to assess your home and discuss your balcony plans to create a fantastic custom balcony that will bring the best out of your property.  Whether it’s a glass, metal, classic or contemporary solution that you’re looking for, we’ll discuss what works best for you providing you have the vision!

Balconies add a real touch of character to parties and warmer months, so why not consult us today and see what lookout solutions we can propose for your home?


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