Circular Hinged Glass Floor


Circular Hinged Glass Floor

“Whether you have found an old water well to make into a feature or want to install a round wine cellar system at a fraction of the cost of a ‘spiral wine cellar door’ then our circular hinged glass floor unit might be for you! See this blog for more info and recently completed project...”

Our client Tony found an old brick water well and decided to make a feature out of it with our round hinged glass floor system. This glass trap door unit was 1100mm diameter and is now installed over the deep well void with three-quarter opening hatch on a gas strut actuator.


DioMets Circular Hinged Glass Floor


The glass used is 25.5mm structural toughened and laminated walk-on floor glazing and designed to withstand a minimum loading of 150kg per metre in line with current building regulations. The walk-on glass is sealed within an internal steel framework that hinges open from its external support frame with the assistance of a gas-strut actuator allowing access.

One of our most popular products over the last few years has been our glass well covers which are a fixed walk-over glass panel, often supplied with a steel support frame. For those people however who want easy access (to replace LED lighting etc) without having to remove the glass, or indeed to use the system as a wine-cellar door or display unit, this product is perfect…….and indeed at a fraction of the cost of a full spiral wine-cellar system.

All our CE certified steelwork for these hinged glass floor unit frames are fabricated in our workshops in Sheffield with all glazing sourced from our local Yorkshire suppliers. Our walk on floor systems and wine cellar doors are then packaged and delivered nationwide (and all over the world) by couriers, or you can also collect. 



Get in touch with us to discuss your hinged glass floor system requirements on 0114 243 9009 or email us




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