Framed Glass Balustrades


Framed Glass Balustrades

“We supply our stainless steel and glass framed balustrade system all over the UK for DIY installation and also offer professional installation within a reasonable radius of Sheffield, subject to quantities. This blog shows several recent example balustrade installations…..”


Do you supply and install glass balustrades?

Dio-Met have been supplying and installing glass balustrade systems up and down the country for over 30 years. Installation may however only be cost effective within a reasonable radius of Sheffield for smaller quantities. For larger projects our operatives would lodge out as required until the job is complete.

Can we install our own glass balustrade?

We offer nationwide delivery via our third party couriers and installation can be undertaken by any competent persons. All our balustrades are supplied in kit form, largely pre-assembled to the extent that is possible for delivery.  Any reputable local builder or tradesperson should have no difficulty installing our balustrade systems.

Our general advice would be that if you have to ask, then its unlikely you should be attempting your own installation as ultimately a balustrade is designed to guard a fall in height, and prevent injury as a safety barrier.

Below are some recently completed stainless steel and glass balustrades examples, all a variation of our ever popular System 1 glass balustrade.

The flexibility of this modular system is quite incredible with the range of fittings available- combine this with our extensive experience in balustrade design and bespoke fabrication capacity, there’s not many scenarios we can’t overcome.

Example 1 : Balustrade to patio and stairs with privacy screens.

This glass balustrade was completed in Sheffield for our client Sarah and was core-drill and grout fixed into the solid masonry walls. The neighbouring sides were fitted with raised frosted glass privacy screens, maintaining the handrails at 1100mm at patio level. Matching glass balustrades flowed down the garden staircase providing a functional handrail for access.

Glass Balustrade with Frosted Privacy Screens


Example 2 : Face fixed glass balustrade to terrace

A side-mounted glass balustrade is often the best fixing method for brick-built staircases as per this example installation but also provides additional room on the patio area as the upright posts do not encroach on the seating space.

Side-Mounted Glass Balustrades


Example 3 : Glass balustrades to garden patio

Glass balustrades for this lovely garden patio were supplied and installed, core-drill fixing through the chunky coping stone and setting into the masonry wall beneath. Each post still uses a raised cover rose and has the same visual effect as a bolted system (which would not be appropriate only screwed to a coping stone). Matching balustrades run down the staircase and into the lower garden.


Stainless Steel Glass Balustrades


Example 4 : Glass balustrades to balconies

Glass balustrades were installed to this huge rental property in Sheffield complete with 1.8metre high privacy screens to all neighbouring sides, over two balcony levels. Party on the terrace anyone!?


walk out balustrades balcony
Party House Balustrades!





Get in contact with us to discuss your glass balustrade requirements on 0114 243 9009 or email us



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