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Recent Project Completion : Walk out balcony with glass floor in London


Dio-Met have recently completed the survey, design, manufacture and installation of a walk out style balcony terrace with glass floor and frameless balustrade in central London. 

The steel structure is a galvanized and powdercoated finish that bolts between party walls and affixes back to the existing building to support the walk out balcony glass balustrade and flooring.

The glass balustrade itself is our frameless infinity design system 4 complete with brushed aluminium base channel shoe, complete with 17.5mm toughened and laminated safety glass with no handrail required. 

The walk-on glass flooring is again a toughened laminate construction complete with a frosted interlayer to provide light to the space below but privacy to those on the balcony. The top of the walk on glass floor is treated with a chemical anti-slip formula to increase safety on the balcony in damp or wet conditions. 

The property in London is one of the most photographed in Britain and is used for various parties and photoshoots so a high quality, modern looking, walk-out style balcony was requested and as always, Dio-Met have delivered the perfect solution. 

Walk out glass floor balcony london Walk out balcony glass flooring anti slip

     Glass balcony balustrade London Frameless infinity

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