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What are modular handrail fittings? 

Stainless steel handrail and balustrade component parts have become increasingly popular in recent times due to the modern aesethics, flexibility in design, simplicity in manufacture and cost-effectiveness of the end result. Most stainless steel balustrade and handrail systems are manufactured from a similar range of widely stocked fittings such as glass clamps, end caps, post connectors and tube adapters. What was once a highly skilled fabrication process has now become much more DIY friendly with the introduction of such fittings.

Grades and finishes of stainless?

When buying modular handrail and balustrade fittings online there are a few things to look out for prior to purchasing. Although stainless steel seems by its name to be an ever lasting product it must be taken into consideration that there are two main grades for architectural balustrade fittings, these are G304 which should only be used on internal projects and G316 AKA marine grade stainless steel that can be used externally. The two grades of stainless steel are also available widely in two different finishes : brushed (satin) or mirror polished (chrome). The brushed finish stainless steel is considerably more popular throughout the UK with the mirror polished fittings winning over only coastal areas due to its higher resistance to airborne salts.

Product Quality?

Ok so as you may have noticed there are one or two companies out there selling balustrade and handrail component parts, some of which are considerably better than others. Although many fittings are similar there can be vast differences in quality, particularly in the finish achieved on brushed polished satin products. All Dio-Mets component parts are highly polished with a fine, even grain and look superb. These are the same high quality fittings that we use day in day out on all our own projects including high end retailers and some of the biggest building contractors in the UK. There are some lesser quality products out there, generally flimsy imports but should be simple enough to spot with any close-up pictures that the seller advertises. 

Buying component parts VS prefabricated items?

Modular handrail and balustrade systems can be constructed from individual component parts but do still require a good level of DIY skill and logical thinking, especially where there are corners involved or glass panels to include in the system. If posts need to be drilled for the glazing clamps, prior experience is always advised as stainless steel is particularly tough to drill and accuracy is important to achieve a professional finish. If confident to work in such a DIY manner, purchasing component parts can offer great savings over buying prefabricated products.

On the other hand companies like DioMet are able to offer fully designed, pre-drilled, pre-cut, pre-assembled balustradehandrailand canopy systems that fit together perfectly with minimal skill required from the end user with glass panels made to measure perfectly, all set out to a specific installation drawing to save time ( and no doubt frustration) for our customers. Choosing which way to proceed is very much going to be determined by budget and skill level.

Where and what to buy?

DioMet have a range of our most popular stainless steel balustrade fittings and accessories available to purchase online through our website. We offer a small range to choose from that will accomodate most projects however if you need an item that is not listed, simply get in touch with us for a quotation. Even if the product is not a standard modular fitting we can probably help; after all, we were fabricating balustrades from raw materials long before such ranges of modular fittings became available!

Contact us with any enquiries on 0114 243 9009 or email us your enquiry.

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