Semi-Circular Wine Cellar Door

Transforming a Wine Cellar Entrance: From Rustic Wood to Breathtaking Glass with DioMet Fabrications Ltd.

At DioMet Fabrications Ltd., we're passionate about pushing the boundaries of metalwork and exceeding client expectations. Our latest project involved a unique challenge: transforming a traditional wooden wine cellar entrance into a modern marvel that maximized both functionality and aesthetics.

The Challenge: Blending Modern and Classic with a Twist

Our client, Matt, possessed a beautiful wine cellar with a classic, rustic wooden door. However, the door's semi-circular design left an awkward rectangular space above it. Matt envisioned a more contemporary solution that would showcase his impressive wine collection while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic with the existing entrance.

Open-Sesame! This Wine Cellar Door is Totally Customised


The DioMet Solution: A Rectangular Revelation

Our team devised a clever and visually striking solution. We designed a custom hinged glass floor system that was entirely rectangular in shape. The key to achieving Matt's vision lay in the ingenious use of painted borders on the glass. These borders cleverly mimicked the semi-circular design of the original door, creating a seamless visual flow from the entrance to the cellar below.

A Flawless Finish and a Delighted Client

The final result was nothing short of breathtaking. The rectangular glass floor system, with its expertly painted borders, offered a clear view of the invitingly lit wine cellar below, completely concealing the unwanted concrete section at the top. Matt was absolutely thrilled with the outcome, and his wine cellar entrance has become a true focal point of his home.

Customised Concrete Wine Cellar Glass Door Hatch


Benefits of a Custom Hinged Glass Floor

This project exemplifies the numerous advantages of choosing a custom hinged glass floor system for your wine cellar:

  • Enhanced Aesthetics: The clear glass allows for a dramatic and modern look, showcasing your wine collection in style.
  • Improved Light Distribution: Natural light can filter through the glass, creating a brighter and more inviting atmosphere within the cellar.
  • Space Optimization: The rectangular design maximizes the available space above the cellar entrance.
  • Safety and Security: We utilize high-quality tempered and laminated glass for exceptional strength and safety, complete with a safety lock. 
  • Unique Design Opportunities: As Matt's project demonstrates, custom painted borders or other design elements can personalize the glass floor to perfectly complement your existing décor.
Dio-Met Bespoke Wine Cellar Door Hatch


DioMet Fabrications Ltd.: Your Partner in Bespoke Metalwork

Are you looking to transform your own wine cellar entrance or create a one-of-a-kind architectural feature for your home? At DioMet Fabrications Ltd., we specialize in crafting exceptional metalwork solutions tailored to your specific needs and design preferences. Contact us today to discuss your vision, and let our team of experts turn it into a stunning reality.



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