Stainless steel handrails on posts

DioMet's modular system stainless steel handrails are extremely versatile and can be adapted to suit virtually any environment, made to follow the angle or any staircase or ramp whilst maintaining a sleek, modern and attractive finish.

A recent example can be seen at Bents Green church in Sheffield whereby our stainless steel handrail system was required to aid access to the church via the entrance steps. The handrails were installed in sets of 3, core-drill and grout fixed into the concrete steps complete with base cover roses. Each handrail comprises our 48.3mm stainless steel upright baluster posts, our 48mm to 42mm handrail connectors and a 42.4mm stainless steel handrail with plain end caps. 

DioMet surveyed, designed, manufactured and installed the handrails for the church and the below pictures were taken recently but approximately 2 years after the initial installation when returning to the church to quote for more work. Can't beat a happy customer! 


stainless steel handrails on posts sheffield handrails to steps in sheffield

                             stainless steel metal handrails to steps      stainless steel post and handrail system online

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