Steel balustrade railings


Using steel to form balustrade railings


The use of steel for railings offers certain advantages over the main alternatives of wood or composite, so whether you are creating a new railing system in your garden or replacing existing fencing or timber balustrades, metal is an excellent material of choice :


Metal, when treated correctly for it's intended environment, will far outlast any timber alternatives. For external applications your railings should be galvanized finish, a treatment that can last upto 50years without requiring any maintenance. Timber of course will begin to rot and need regular painting and staining to maintain the finish. After the galvanizing process, metal railings are often powdercoated which offers a smooth, professional finish that in itself can last upto 15years.

Strength and Safety

Metal balustrade railings are often put in place to not only look attractive, but to offer a fall barrier for safety reasons. It is then the strength of metal that will far outperform that of timber. A metal railing system will be fully welded by your fabrication company into solid units whereas timber will often only be held together by a few small screws, screws that can splinter the wood and eventually work loose.


Skilled metalwork and fabrication specialists like DioMet are often employed to design and manufacture metal balustrade systems that are fully assembled and ready for installation - Timber alternatives however are largely 'made on the job' by using longer lengths of timber which require cutting to size and on-site installation skills and jointing. Metal railings therefore offer a quicker solution saving time and money in a system that is more DIY friendly to the average consumer.

Full metal staircases complete with the associated balustrade railings are manufactured in our workshops and supplied to site in kit form for quick installation with any complicated sections trial built to ensure a perfect fit beforehand. Supplied to site complete with all the required assembly fixings, metal pre-fabricated systems offer a much easier solution than fumbling your way through a pile of timber!


Steel fabricated railings and balustrade offer a design solution for almost any application and can be tailored into tradition or modern themes. The design options with steel railings are virtually endless with an array of different ornate or decorative panels, finials or patterns to choose from. Metal railings are therefore an excellent choice for those who want to have something a bit different and have their say in the design to create a unique look for their property.

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