Balustrade ordering mistakes

5 of The Most Common Mistakes Made When Buying a Balustrade


buying a glass balustrade online

1) Not researching thoroughly 

Buying a balustrade is a significant purchase and one that as such requires, for a novice, a fair amount of consideration and research prior to ordering. There are many aspects to consider such as planning permission and safety regulations, the design, fixing detail, aesthetic appearance and budget prior to committing to your balustrade purchase. Ordering online is easier than ever for a simple balustrade run by using innovative online quoting tools such as those found on DioMet's website however in reality most balustrades are unique and need tailoring to individual requirements. Choosing a balustrade supplier should be done carefully - choose long standing, reputable businesses; a business that can assist over the phone with technical queries and one that will allow you to visit their premises to discuss and see items in production and work quality. 

2) Dismissing safety over design

Balustrade systems that guard a fall in height are used for one main purpose- safety. All too often the safety element can get overlooked when weighing up different designs and juggling budgets to suit and this is a major problem. More often than not, when buying a glass balustrade system, customers do not want to see much steelwork that would encroach on an otherwise clear view however the reality is that without choosing a completely frameless design with appropriately chunky glass, a handrail is going to be required to comply with BS 6180. It is possible to purchase posts and glass from a variety of sources online however doing so without the right knowledge can lead to a dangerous balustrade system being installed. What may look great in a glossy magazine may well not comply with building regulations. 

3) Getting dozens of quotes

As with any significant purchase, it would take a fool not to get a second, third or fourth price for comparison however it is possible to get too many quotes. Over-tendering your balustrade enquiry can lead to having too many conflicting, confusing quotes and information to wade through and creating a more difficult decision making process. It is therefore recommended to get 3-4 quotations from similar reputable CE marked companies in order to made a fair comparison. Where possible request a sample or visit the business to ensure you are comparing similar quality products and comparing apples with apples.

4) Basing decisions on price alone

Price is always important and all customers like to feel like they are getting value for money, a good deal and a bargain but the old saying is true, you get what you pay for.

It is therefore important to establish exactly what you are being quoted for? what grade or finish of steel? how pre-assembled do the items come? what is the lead time? 

As previously noted, it is very important that if opting for a lower quote that the product is manufactured to the correct standards and by a reputable company - it simply saves money in the long run. 

5) DIY balustrade installation

The single easiest way to save money with a glass balustrade system is to install it yourself, DIY style. Most simple balustrade runs are easy to install with reasonable tradesmen skills - DioMets balustrade systems are largely preassembled and require minimal site work to erect however more complicated balustrades should only be installed by the experts. Staircases and walk out balconies for example should not be undertaken without prior experience- Let the professionals handle it. Mistakes can be costly, cause headaches and your DIY installation would not be covered by any product warranty. 

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