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Handrails are a common feature for aiding access up steps, ramps and inclines – especially leading to doors. A handrail does not always need to be boring, nor are they just for the senior generations so at DioMet we have a range of options for all tastes and budgets.

Why use a handrail?

It might sound obvious that a handrail would be used to help aid you whilst ascending or descending a set of steps, stairs or a steep ramp although they are often a building regulation requirement as well- particularly prevalent on new build properties.  

A handrail may well be required to assist older persons by providing additional stability and a fall barrier but they are used by all generations – stopping children tumbling off the edge of a set of steps; giving the intoxicated youth something to clamber against when returning home from a big night out or giving dad something to lean on when insisting on carrying all 10 shopping bags at once to the front door. Handrails are for everyone!

Types of handrail

There are a number of ways a handrail can be used :

Wall fixed handrails – A simple, usually tubular rail with brackets mounted to the underside for attachment to the wall. These handrails are usually found on internal staircases or garden walls.

Handrails on posts – Where no supporting wall is available (or only the house wall) then an upright baluster post is used to secure the post and provide stability. Usually such a post is concreted into the ground but can occasionally be bolted to the floor, or side mounted to a set of steps.

Ramp handrails – Handrails along ramps usually follow the pitch of the ramp, typically at a height of 900mm from the floor. A second rail can also be used, usually where children are likely to be present (around schools for example) at a height of 600mm.

Key Clamp handrails – A modular system that can be used for a wide range of applications. 

Glass mounted handrails – Where glass is used in a balustrade system, a profiled handrail can either be slotted over the top of the glass on rubber gaskets or bolted through the glass with offset brackets.

Diomet staircase handrails
Wall Fixed Stainless Steel Handrail

Finishes of handrail

The most popular handrail systems DioMet offer are :

Stainless steel – either in brushed or mirror polished finish

Mild steel – either galvanized and/or powdercoated to any RAL colour

Timber – typically either iroko or oak wood is used in our handrail systems.

See our standard handrails available online here  : DioMet Handrails


Get in touch with us to discuss your handrail requirements on 0114 243 9009 or email us


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