Hinged Glass Floor Update


Hinged Glass Floor Update

“Our walk on glass-floored wine cellar doors have been really popular over the past year and this blog is a simple update on our stock levels, current capacity and expected completion dates for new stock and bespoke hinged glass floor orders…..”


It’s been an exceptionally busy few months and our hinged-glass floor / wine cellar door system has been more popular than ever - As such we have not been able to refill our stock levels due to meeting the demand of bespoke orders.

Currently as of today (04.08.21) we only have 1 stock hinged glass floor available and although more stock cellar doors are in the pipeline, we may not be able to refill our stock levels for several months whilst we prioritise our bespoke orders. Our current estimate for completion of any new stock would be around October / November 2021. 

You can still order the exact size hinged glass floor you want via our bespoke hinged glass floor listing and lead times are currently 6-8 weeks for manufacture. Buying through the bespoke order link will also jump the queue into production and take priority over refilling our stock levels.


Dio-Met Hinged Glass Floor


All our hinged glass floors are manufactured right here in our Sheffield workshops by our own teams of skilled steel fabricators. All the metalwork is purchased from local suppliers, the paintwork outsourced to a Sheffield based company and the walk-on floor glass is manufactured bespoke by our local Yorkshire suppliers.

Installation of a hinged glass floor system should be simple for any local builder, tradesperson or competent DIYer as the unit is supplied fully assembled with the glass sealed in place and gas-struts pre fixed and pressurised. Whilst we do not offer to install, we do supply the item all over the UK and (prior to Brexit) worldwide.





Get in contact with us to discuss your hinged glass floor systems on 0114 243 9009 or email us sales@diometonline.co.uk





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