Wine Cellar Door FAQ

Hinged Glass Floor / Wine Cellar Door FAQ

Frequently asked questions about our hinged glass floor / wine cellar door system- do you do automated versions? How deep is the unit? What weight can it withstand? We set out to answer these, and more common questions.

Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our hinged glass floor/wine cellar door system :

Q1. What type of glass or acrylic is used? 

To be walked on, any structural panel should comprise of a toughened and laminated glass build up so that if the glass were to break for any reason, the unit would remain intact and provide a safe fall barrier to the drop beneath. We use 25.5mm toughened and laminated glass in our hinged glass floor units. Acyrilics are both lighter and cheaper but not suitable for this application- there’s a good reason why all walk on floors in buildings are glass! 

Q2. What weight can the glass floor withstand- Do your cellar doors comply with building regulations?

The minimum load bearing of the hinged glass floor unit is 150kg/sqm in line with regulations set out in  BSEN 1991-1-1 2002 Actions on Structures for domestic applications.

Our doors are designed for secondary access to habitable rooms or primary access to non-habitable spaces such as wine cellars or storage areas, which typically fall outside the scope of standard building regulations. This means you can enjoy the bespoke elegance they offer without the usual requirements for balustrades, handrails, or fire-rated glass. We do however recommend you check with your local building control if in any doubt. 

Rest assured, all our floors come with full UKCA certification and a compliance certificate, adhering strictly to the standards set by BS EN 1090 for structural steel products, ensuring safety alongside sophistication in your living space (this part is a legal requirement) 

Q3. How heavy will the door be to lift?

Each hinged glass floor system is set up individually with gas stuts that assist with opening and closing, making the whole system of otherwise extremely heavy glass almost effortless to lift. The units are pre-pressurised to start taking the load as soon as light pressure is applied when lifting. Of course our electric unit just requires the push of a button. 

Q4. How long does a bespoke hinged glass floor take to make?

All our hinged glass floors are made to order and usually take between 6 and 12 weeks to complete depending on specification chosen. Lead times can of course vary, so please contact us for up to date estimates. We also have a listing for stock hinged floors.

Q5. Do you offer an electric automated system?

Yes, we offer an electric automated system. For more details and specifications, click here.

Q6. Where are your products made?

All our steelwork is fabricated in our own workshops in Sheffield and all glass sourced locally from our suppliers in Yorkshire.  

Q7.  Do you have a showroom?

While we don’t have a large showroom, we do have a few sample units and you are more than welcome to pop by to discuss your requirements, see our fabrication shops (and any work in progress at the time) and view samples of glass and other steelwork products. We regularly have hinged glass floor systems being made, so its very likely you will be able to view something similar at various levels of production too. 

Q8.  What safety features do your doors have?

Our manual hinged floor systems come with a standard lockable feature, ensuring security and controlled access. They are finely calibrated for effortless opening and secure self-holding in the open position, providing safe and convenient access.

The electric models boast an array of advanced safety features. They are equipped with an audible alert during operation to signal movement, a 'press and hold' function for user-guided operation, and an auto-reverse mechanism to prevent any accidental pinching. Additionally, the standout feature is a comprehensive key-operated override system. This allows for complete deactivation of the unit and any remote controls, ensuring absolute control and safety with a simple turn of a key.

We offer a non-slip treatment that goes above any beyond industry standards

Q9.  What about installation?

Most builders, tradespersons, or DIY enthusiasts find the installation straightforward. The unit comes fully assembled, ensuring a hassle-free installation once it's placed in the designated opening. Please contact us if installation is required, as we may be able to offer this on an individually assessed basis. 

Although simple to install, there are a few basics to get right such as ensuring the door is installed perfectly level and flush to your floor level to avoid any protruding trip ledges. We supply a simplified instruction set on the product, and full detailed manual via QR code. 

Q10.  Will the glass be slippery?

Glass is a polished finish and inherently slippery. We offer a non slip coating which vastly improves the slip resistance of the glass in dry conditions and improves it in wet conditions. Care should of course be taken when walking on glass, especially wet glass. Our non slip treatment achieves an impressive 68 PTV rating, far exceeding the minimum of 36 required to be considered low slip risk in dry conditions. 

Q11.  What happens beneath the door- what do you supply?

Our hinged glass floor unit is supplied to fit into your prepared floor void but what happens beneath is entirely up to you. Some customers are tight for room and create a small display area and others have huge wine cellars and include steps down into basements.

Q12.  Will the glass scratch?

All glass has the potential to be scratched and our general recommendation is that you treat the glass like carpet i.e. only walk on it with bare feet or socks, not your dirty shoes or slippers that have been outside -Of course however, you should not try hoovering it! Cleaning the glass should be done with any regular glass cleaner and cloth.

Q13. What size hinged glass floors can you make?

Our parameters are set online for ordering with the minimum size being 600 x 600mm and largest being 2000 x 1000mm. The largest opening (non hinged size) we offer is 1000mm.

We can and do however make bespoke variations that are wider than 2000mm to include fixed panels of floor glass to fill the remaining space, or smaller versions under 600mm that are supplied without the gas strut mechanisms. 

Q14. Do you deliver outside of the UK?

Yes, please contact us for worldwide shipping quotes. 

Q15. How to i clean or maintain my glass door?

Regular cleaning with a standard glass cleaner and a soft cloth will keep your hinged glass floor looking pristine. Avoid using abrasive materials that might scratch the glass. Periodically check the hinges and gas struts for any wear or damage and contact us if replacements are needed. Always ensure the door is fully dried with a clean microfibre towel after any cleaning. 

Q16.  How do I know the wine cellar door will fit?

For every order, we provide a detailed drawing for your approval. This ensures you can thoroughly check our glass hatch design and share it with your installer if necessary, guaranteeing a perfect fit. We can provide a typical detail in advance of an order, just ask. 



See here for styles and pricing of our hinged glass floor / wine cellar door units



Get in touch with us to discuss your hinged glass door requirements on 0114 243 9009 or email us




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