Add Space With A Balcony

Unusual Balconies Balconies are becoming increasingly popular with more people than ever wanting their home to have one. The main reason for this seems to be that so many flats and apartments come without the luxury of a garden but a walk out balcony is ideal for people who just want their own lit

Adding A Balcony Or Balustrade

Benefits Of Adding A Balcony Or Balustrade To Your Home While the weather at this time of year may leave you feeling low, it is the ideal time to start thinking about, and planning for the summer. If you are the sort of person that likes to make the most of the summer, either through relaxing at h

Anthracite Grey Glass Balustrade

See the transformation of a Bradway, Sheffield patio with Diomet's powdercoated glass balustrade system. Subtle elegance meets safety as anthracite grey posts and handrails frame clear toughened glass panels. Meticulous design, compliance, and client collaboration define Diomet's commitment to outdo


Dio-Met have been supplying and installing balconies for nearly 30 years and have a wide range of options available including traditional basic juliet balconies, modern glass balcony systems, step out balconies and large walk out balcony designs- either from stock, or made to order.

Balconies Direct

Buying a juliet balcony online. Dio-Met Fabrications Ltd have been designing, manufacturing, supplying, delivering and installing juliet balconies for years, since the company's conception some 25+ years ago so it's fair to say, we're pretty damn good at it. The juliet balcony world has changed so

Balcony & Balustrade Surrey

Supplier of glass balustrade and balcony systems Diomet have recently completed the design, supply and delivery of two glass balcony designs for a private customer in Haslemere, Surrey. The client found us online, contacted us for a quotation and the rest is history.... The process we use to guide

Balcony & Kitewinder Staircase - Dartford

This blog features a walk-out balcony structure with glass balustrades to the rear of a domestic property in Dartford, near London. The balcony also includes a raised privacy screen and an access stair with kitewinder treads leading from first floor down to the garden level.

Balcony and Balustrade Regulations

Do you know what building regulations apply to your Juliet balcony or glass balustrade system? Read on for more information about the requirements for such structural guarding systems and how to ensure compliance with building control.

Balcony Balustrade Extension

DioMet have recently completed the installation of a bespoke walk-out balcony system in Yorkshire for a private client which was a mix-and-match of a number of our balcony / balustrade designs in order to create a stunning balcony extension.

Balcony balustrade Northumberland

DioMet design, supply and install balcony and balustrade products throughout the UK on a daily basis and our latest small domestic project has been completed in East Sleekburn, Northumberland. The glass balustrade chosen was a variation of our ever popular stainless steel and glass balustrade system

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