Steel Staircase London

Need a replacement metal staircase? Here’s a recent example of an old, tired staircase which no longer meets current regulations being replaced with a brand new steel stair in the London area for a private customer. The old stair was dismantled and removed, with a new stair fabricated to replace it.

Glass Trap Door

Our walk-on hinged glass trap door system has quickly become one of our most popular products. These glass hatches are mostly used as a wine storage display or cellar hatch but occasionally our customers surprise us with different ideas, this example is a little disturbing……

Staircase Balustrade and Handrails

Our ever popular base channel frameless glass balustrade system has been installed to a private staircase and landing in Sheffield.

Frameless Glass Balcony Sheffield

DioMet have recently supplied and installed a large, frameless glass Juliet balcony for a customer in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Click into this blog for completed photos.

Staircase Transformation with Glass

If you want a fresh look to your old staircase, this example blog may help provide some inspiration. Our customer Lee wanted to revamp his old dark Richard Burbage staircase and replace the metal infill bars with toughened glass panels to provide a lighter, more modern aspect to his hallway.

DIY Stainless Steel Balconies

More examples of one of our most popular products; our stainless steel and glass balcony balustrade System 1. The design of this balustrade fencing is clean, simple, modern and affordable and it can be adapted to suit various fixing details, curves, steps and ramps.

Bespoke Metal Staircase

DioMet have recently completed a bespoke staircase balustrade in Sheffield for our private customer Jackie. The project required bespoke design and fabrication of criss-cross pattern metal stair railings installed to a galleried landing area.

Glass, Glass and more Glass

This blog is a quick round up of a few small domestic projects that have recently completed with pictures taken on site, or supplied by our customers. Last week saw more completed hinged glass floor frameworks, various glass balustrade systems, stainless steel handrails and frameless glazed staircas

Glass Tabletops

Toughened glass panels can be used all around the home for numerous applications and this blog features glass used in tabletops, counters and as coffee table covers which can instantly transform a simple piece of furniture into a more luxurious finished item- Simply by placing glass on top……

Domestic Glass Balustrades

A recent project completed in the Sheffield area for our private client Phil required both internal and external glass balustrade systems with a range of fixing details. The internal staircase used frameless glass and the external terrace required raised privacy screens to the sides…..