Balustrade fixing details

Installing a framed glass balustrade Framed glass balustrades are simple to define really: a balustrade within a frame. Framed glass balustrades are the most widely used throughout the UK and the type that has the most possible variations in design. Being ‘framed’ essentially describes the glass p

Benefits of Galvanized Steel

What is Hot Dip Galvanizing? Hot Dip Galvanizing (HDG) is a process applied to carbon steel that basically prevents it from rusting. A protective coating of zinc is applied to the steel at the point that it is dipped into a molten bath of the zinc fluid that has been heated to around 450 degrees.

American Express

DioMet's commitment to customer service has adapted again to a rising requirement, to accept American Express. It doesn't take long to adapt to consumer needs, or it shouldn't if the company pays attention to it's customers, this is why DioMet have now set up an additional payment service allowing

Modern Fireplace Glass Hearth

Dio-Met have now become a leading supplier of toughened glass products ranging from small individual glass shelves, to full glass balustrade systems and laminated walk-on floor glass. Although DioMet are predominantly a specialist steelwork manufacturer, the vast majority of our work includes some f

Buy British

The benefits of buying British products So why should you buy British products? Well the answer may seem obvious to some people, it's a matter of simple patriotism, keeping your own economy strong and taking pride in your country and its produce. For many it is an obvious choice, know the supplier

Types of Juliet Balcony

Which juliet balcony is right for you? What is a juliet balcony? At its most basic description, a juliet balcony can be defined as a shallow balcony, acting as a balustrade on an upper floor of a building. Juliet balconies can often also be called juliettes, balconettes or balconets. Most juliet

Types of Glass

What is glass? Glass is a solid, inorganic material that is hard, brittle and usually clear or translucent. Glass has many, many uses in the modern world from bottles to contain delicious beer, jars for our favourite farmhouse pates, chopping boards, mirrors, windows, balconies, doors and much more

Glazed Canopy in Southam

DioMet have recently completed the design, manufacture and installation of a bespoke glass entrance canopy to a commercial entrance in Southam. The canopy design is centred around our T1 Modern style glass door canopy design which continues to be extremely popular. The glass entrance canopy compris

Housing Refurbishment Schemes

Are £1 home schemes a success? Liverpool City Council launched its £1 home scheme as part of a pilot project but 18 months on nobody has so much as moved in…. yet in Stoke-on-Trent for example, a similar project has seen would-be homeowners rushing to grab a bargain property. The homes were offere

Installing a Handrail

How To Install a Handrail What is a handrail? Ask a simple question, get a simple answer : A handrail is a rail fixed to posts, a wall, or otherwise for people to hold onto for support. Handrails are designed to be grasped by the hand to provide stability and support. Handrails are commonly used