Metal Balcony Railings

Our decorative steel railing panels are available off-the-shelf in both straight and wavy profiles. These decking rails are simple, cost-effective and available to purchase online in any quantity- click here to see our latest customer photos, used in a new balcony area.

Garden Balcony and Staircase London

A new walk-out balcony and staircase have just been completed for our private customer in Balham, London. The new steel and glass system replaces an old and tired timber construction and at the same time increases the usable external space by extending the patio area on the landing platform....

Glass Walkway Panels

Creating a glass walkway can provide a wow-factor for any home, garden or business and they are quite often used as showpieces for museums and attractions around the world. All you really need to get started is some walk-on floor glass, which can be bought online via our web shop.

Replace Timber Bannister

Most traditional homes have a timber bannister system with wooden spindles, newel posts and handrails; these can either be a timber stain finish, or often painted white. We regularly help clients to modernise their old timber stair bannister by replacing them with toughened glass and stainless steel