Powdercoating RAL Colours

Powdercoating is done to a set of standard RAL colours so if you need to match your juliet balcony or balustrade to your window frames for example, simply find the colour on the chart below and let us know. RAL colour spray cans available here : galvanizing-spr

DIY Balustrades and Handrails

Although here at DioMet we manufacture to specific customer requirements, there is often a DIY enthusiast happy to do all the skilled work themselves. For this reason DioMet can now offer for sale online a selection of balustrade component parts which can be used to create modular handrails, railing

Local News - Man Of Steel

'Man Of Steel' will be an impressive 30-metre landmark sculpture coming to the Sheffield / Rotherham area in 2015. The iconic feature is being produced from stainless steel as a tribute to the historic steel manufacturing sector of Sheffield and is expected to be a catalyst for the new technology s