Glass Canopy Sale

Glass canopies by DioMet Real glass door canopies available in many sizes and styles. 15% OFF until 20th December 2015. Use Coupon Code MAIL15 at the checkout. Single door canopy options Larger glass door designs Bespoke design glass canopies Not found the style or size you need? Contac

Hickleton Golf Club Balcony

Doncaster's Hickleton Golf Club, located in a beautiful countryside location in the heart of South Yorkshire has undergone refurbishment works to it's main building and frontage. DioMet were called upon to supply and install a large glass juliet balcony overlooking the course and grounds. The juliet

Installing a handrail system

Considerations for handrailing systems Ordering and installing a handrail or railing system can be a rewarding DIY project - You may think this is the work of a specialist contractor but more often than not our simple DIY handrail and balustrade kits are installed by the general public, you just nee

Steel staircases Nottingham

Simple, functional fire escapes. A fire escape is simply an emergency exit - usually comprising a staircase or ladder mounted to the outside of a building providing a means of escape in the event of a fire or other emergency. Fire escape stairs are a very important part of a building's safety for

Glass wall mirrors

Mirror mirror on the wall....... Who is one of the most competitively priced glass and mirror suppliers of them all? Ok so it doesn't rhyme all that great but you get the idea! Here at DioMet we have quickly become one of the UK's leading toughened glass and mirror suppliers offering nationwide

High Quality Glass

Glass standards The Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) have defined a glazing acceptability standard known as the GGF Visual quality standard for installed insulating glass units constructed from flat transparent glass. This standard identifies all common visual issues found in glazing units and cla