Walk Out Balcony Cost UK

Are you considering adding a walkout balcony to your property? Look no further! At DioMet, we understand that budget constraints are a significant concern for homeowners across the UK. That's why we offer a range of walkout balcony designs to suit all budgets. In this blog post, we'll delve into the

Glass Balustrades vs Small Children

In this blog, we'll discuss the many advantages of incorporating glass balustrades into your home and garden, especially when you have small children. These elegant features provide safety, maintain openness, and offer easy maintenance, all while letting you keep an eye on your little ones.

Side-Fixed Glass Balustrade Fulwood

In the heart of picturesque Fulwood, Sheffield, a transformation was underway. Meet Kate, a homeowner with a vision for a stunning raised patio deck. Discover how our side-fixed stainless steel and glass balustrade not only brought safety and elegance but also maximized her outdoor space in this bal

Modern Glass Balustrade Bradway

This Sheffield garden project harmonized safety and aesthetics with Diomet's Framed Glass Balustrade System 5. The curved landing area features faceted glass panels, galvanized and anthracite grey powdercoat finish, and an Iroko timber handrail. This bespoke solution seamlessly blends modernity with

Space Saving Paddle Stairs

Experience the revolution in space-saving staircases with our customizable Paddle Stairs. Crafted with solid oak treads and a sleek steel spine support, these stairs are designed to fit any space while adding elegance and functionality. Developed as an access solution to our popular hinged glass flo

Installing Glass Balustrade to Patio Slabs

Join us as we explore the art of installing a glass balustrade to paving stones, highlighting the importance of the right method for lasting strength and security. This blog post features a recent balustrade installation in Sheffield, and the method involved.

Elevated Terrace Balcony - Northamptonshire

Discover our recent balcony project for Tony in Northamptonshire, where we designed a stunning first-floor outdoor haven. This walkout balcony boasts Anthracite grey steelwork with a seamless frameless glass balustrade. The composite decking and steel trimmer joists ensure durability. Perfectly com