Garden Staircase Sheffield

Steel access staircase manufactured for our customer in Whirlow (Sheffield) complete with glass and stainless-steel balustrades. These powdercoated external metal garden stairs replaced an old rotten timber set of steps leading upto a raised patio area……

Garden Trellis Panels

Our metal trellis panels are used around the garden to provide an attractive frame for your climbing plants. The design is centred around a honeycomb structure that can be adapted with multiple panels to create your own unique design.

Glass Partitions and Displays

At Dio-Met we have been producing bespoke glass panel display screens, doors, glazed partitions and associated glass gates for over 25years for a wide range of uses in homes, gardens and offices alike. This blog showcases a few examples to inspire your creative side…..

Glass Juliet Balconies

A glass juliet balcony can make a huge difference to the visual appeal of your property so choosing a system that matches your style is of upmost importance, be it modern and contemporary with glass and stainless steel or traditional and ornate with wrought ironwork.

Glass Well Covers

Our toughened and laminated walk on floor glass is a popular solution for making a feature of garden wells and they have been available to buy online in our webshop for some time. We have now expanded on the listing to include a steel support framework in order to safely support your glass…..

Glass Balustrades Sheffield

Our most popular product has been installed to a newly laid patio in Sheffield, namely our stainless steel and glass balustrade system 1. This glass balustrade finishes off the client’s balcony area nicely, and makes it safe, guarding the fall to the patio below.