What is UKCA Marking?

In this blog we discuss BS EN 1090 and the importance and details behind UKCA certification, a legal requirement for any structural steel product since 2014 for any steel staircase, balcony, juliet, balustrade or floor system.

Bespoke Spiral Stair Shaped Floor Glass

Highlighting Dio-Met Fabrications Ltd's expertise, this blog delves into a bespoke project in London: a meticulously crafted steel support framework paired with a walk-on structural glass floor panel, tailored to mirror the curvature of a spiral staircase, enhancing the home's modern aesthetics.

Metal Staircase Test Builds

Dive into DioMet's meticulous trial assemblies, where every custom steel staircase is born from exacting standards. Discover how our commitment to quality ensures your project rises above the rest. Access your spaces with precision-engineered metal staircases, where every step is a masterpiece.

Non Slip Floor Glass

Our anti-slip treated, hinged glass floors, wine cellar doors, and fixed glass flooring products redefine luxury, ensuring style without compromising safety, perfect for transforming any area into a modern architectural masterpiece.

Glass Cellar Access Door

Enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your underfloor space with our state-of-the-art Hinged Glass Floor/Wine Cellar Door System. Designed for both visual appeal and practicality, this system is a perfect marriage of form and function.

Walkout Balcony & Spiral Staircase in London

Do you require a walkout balcony or steel staircase in London? Look no further than DioMet's latest project - a large walkout balcony with a spiral staircase that promises both safety and functionality.