Newly listed products

At DioMet we constantly add new products and lines to our website, here are some of our latest additions this week : 10mm Tinted toughened glass panels available in grey, green or bronze. Stainless steel adjustable side fixing baluster bracket clamp. 31.5mm thick toughened and laminated floor glass.

Who do we work with?

Here at DioMet we work with quite possibly the largest range of clients throughout the UK, everybody from a single member of the public requiring one simple bracket to some of the largest construction companies and house builders in the UK. There really is no job too big or small! When considering

Stainless steel handrails on posts

DioMet's modular system stainless steel handrails are extremely versatile and can be adapted to suit virtually any environment, made to follow the angle or any staircase or ramp whilst maintaining a sleek, modern and attractive finish. A recent example can be seen at Bents Green church in Sheffield

Balustrade and handrail components

Buying stainless steel balustrade and handrail components online What are modular handrail fittings? Stainless steel handrail and balustrade component parts have become increasingly popular in recent times due to the modern aesethics, flexibility in design, simplicity in manufacture and cost-effe

Managing industry growth

Growing a business successfully We are now five years on from what is arguably the worst global recession for decades and it now appears that the UK economy in particular has recovered better than most. It's by no means time for party poppers and cakes just yet but it must be said that the outlook i

Steel fire escape staircase fabrication

Access All Areas When investing in a steel staircase for your home or office building it is important to ensure that it will comply with all necessary building control regulations applicable for its use. A steel fire escape staircase is a significant purchase and one that you should be made to measu

Recent balustrade completion Norwich

DIY glass balustrade kits DioMet have become market leaders in designing, manufacturing and both supplying for DIY assembly and installing glass balustrade systems throughout the UK. Our latest happy customer opted for our increasingly popular stainless steel and glass balustrade balcony system in k

Metal or glass juliet balcony

Here at DioMet we are able to offer a wide range of 'off the shelf' glass or metal juliet balcony systems that can be bought online in a few simple clicks. Our juliet balconies are listed as being standard sizes to suit the most popular door opening sizes of 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm with transparen

10mm Tinted Toughened Glass Panels

Tinted toughened glass panels available to buy online. New to DioMet : Tinted Toughened Glass DioMet are pleased to announce our latest product addition to our online web shop: tinted toughened safety glass panels which are available in grey, green and bronze tints as standard. Our tinted glass i

Modernising an office environment

Commercial Design Solutions While we offer a huge range of DIY solutions to help modernise and brighten up your home, Dio-Met also have a great range of ideas for your building, office or other public service requirement. Whether you operate a call centre or public-facing operation, a number of o