External glass terrace

Exceeding Expectations. Our customer Mark came to us looking for a quote for toughened glass panels for which he used on an external glass fence balustrade at his home - and we delivered, not just physically. ''Just want to thank you and give my sincere appreciation on the excellent service you

Making Steel Work

Steelwork manufacture Steel is composed of iron and carbon; the iron is extracted from mined iron ore and then refined to remove the oxygen content. Working with steel is an art, a science, a trade, an industry and for many simply a hobby. In order to manipulate metal in modern manufacturing, there

Mirror polished glass clamps

Is dull polished stainless getting dull? Over the past 5 years there has been a surge in demand for dull polished ( aka satin or brushed finish) stainless steel balustrade and handrail systems making mirror polished (aka bright polished or nickel finish) balustrades and fittings a thing of the p

Balustrade ordering mistakes

5 of The Most Common Mistakes Made When Buying a Balustrade 1) Not researching thoroughly Buying a balustrade is a significant purchase and one that as such requires, for a novice, a fair amount of consideration and research prior to ordering. There are many aspects to consider such as planning p

Planning a balcony

Romeo, Romeo! Is this balcony legal Romeo? If you'd like to have a juliet balcony or balustrade system installed at your property there are a few considerations to make regarding planning permission and building regulations before construction should start. As with most planning and development.

Glass clamp solutions

Glass screens and balustrades made easy! A range of stainless steel glass clamp fittings are available and the latest addition to the range of D shaped clamps are our 90° corner glass clamps and In-line glass to glass connector clamps. Both fittings are produced from the same high quality brushed

Glass Staircase Panels

Another day another happy customer. On this occasion we offered a supply and delivery service for a brand new toughened glass and clamp system for our customer's domestic property staircase. 'Thank you Dio-Met for the high quality service provided to help us complete our bannister. We dealt with A

Commercial and Domestic Glass Canopies

Adding a glass canopy to your entrance It's that time of year again when the weather closes in and glass canopy systems take over from balustrades and staircases as our most popular line of work. Why use a DioMet glass canopy? A glass canopy offers many advantages to a commercial or domestic en

Galvanized juliet balcony?

The juliet balcony minefield Buying a juliet balcony has never been easier with the rise of online retail. 10 years ago you would have to visit and consult your local ironmonger or steel fabricators for a design and quotation but the process is now much more simple - but what should you look out f

Steel price decline

As at October 2015 steel prices are at their lowest price since the end of 2009 and prices continue to weaken putting significant pressure on steel mills to stay afloat during these testing times. Job losses at Tata Steel totaling 1200 highlight the severity of the current climate at it's plants in