Balcony Balustrade Extension

DioMet have recently completed the installation of a bespoke walk-out balcony system in Yorkshire for a private client which was a mix-and-match of a number of our balcony / balustrade designs in order to create a stunning balcony extension.

10mm Laminated Glass

10.76mm toughened and laminated glass has now been added to our online glazing shop and can be purchased instantly in almost any size, to the millimetre. 10mm laminate glass has a range of uses and is most popular in domestic balustrade systems.

Cheap Toughened Glass

Toughened glass panels are available from a wide range of suppliers online, but do you know what to look out for when purchasing?....and is there such a thing a ‘cheap’ toughened glass? We explore some of the important points to note when buying toughened glass online or comparing quotes.