Kitchen Glass Floor Feature

Discovered a well, tunnel or cave in your house or garden? It’s quite astonishing how many people do…..and of course when you do, it’s a great idea to make a feature out of them. Using walk on structural floor glass and a steel frame, here is our latest example in a client’s kitchen…..

Garden Staircase and balustrade

We recently supplied to a customer in Bristol a powdercoated steel staircase and various sections of our stainless steel and glass balustrade. The garden stair was a modern design and featured timber inlay treads with side mounted handrails and glass infill panels. Click for more info and images….

Wine Cellar Glass Door

Another wine cellar door has been completed and photographed by our customer James. We love to see how our customers kit out their display units and this is one of our favourites yet, showcasing a selection of red wine and port with their timber cases.

New Extension Balustrades

Our client in Sheffield required glass balustrades to a new external patio and staircase. Two designs were used to optimise both functionality and aesthetics with our frameless glass channel balustrade to the main patio and our framed glass system with handrail to the garden steps, click for more in