The modern home and you

Can contemporary homes be cosy? Most people outside of the architectural design world tend to have the same kind of reaction to contemporary homes and that view is that they are great in principle and look attractive in a glossy magazine but are just not practical to live in and seem cold, clinica

Toughened glass

Glazing Solutions Replacing solid walls with glass can be an instant way to lighten up dark areas and open up tight spaces that might otherwise feel cramped or claustrophobic. Full size floor to ceiling panels of toughened glass offer a modern, attractive and simplistic way to achieve a lighter, m

Renovations and extensions

Transformation through renovation. Around 30% of homeowners are planning improvements to their home in the near future, this may come in the form of updating specific rooms, building extensions or full scale renovations. A large proportion of those improvements planned are medium scale projects su

Supporting a walk out balcony

How DioMet can help with your new balcony Our previous blog post ‘adding a walk out balcony’ gave an insight into the advantages gained from installing or updating a walk out balcony system at your home and now we’ll look at how DioMet can help with your walk out balcony design and the options ava

Types of stair handrail

Dio-Met off the shelf handrails What is a handrail ? Simple enough - A handrail is a rail that is designed to be grasped by a persons hand as to provide stability and support. Handrails are most commonly used on staircases for assistance ascending and descending safely to prevent falling or injury

Weight of toughened glass

When considering purchasing toughened glass panels for your project, be it a glass balustrade, canopy, balcony, decking railing or otherwise, it is often useful to know it's weight. The weight of the glass will often affect how it is held in place, the structural integrity of the frame, how it is in

Buying metal railings online

Wrought iron railings by DioMet The internet offers a vast array of products for sale from websites all over the world and buying online has become increasingly popular. Buying construction products online such as metal railings and fencing can be very rewarding and offer significant savings when

Balustrade and balcony Cardiff

As an alternative to stainless steel, DioMet offer the same tubular design glass balustrade system in a galvanized and powdercoated finish. The fabricated system is available in any standard RAL colour and can be made therefore to match your project's design theme or blend in seemlessly with windows