Maintaining wrought iron railings

Protecting and preserving your railings Wrought iron railings are used around property perimeters in the form of boundaries, on staircases as balustrades and around verandas to form a balcony guarding. The finish of wrought iron railings can vary from primer painted and gloss finished, galvanized

General building regulations

Building regulations – what you need to know. There is often much confusion surrounding building regulations, planning applications, and the whole process involved in undertaking works, here is a small guide to help. We must first differentiate between planning approval and building regulations ap

Prepare for sunshine

SUMMER IS COMING! It’s nearly that time of year again – time to finally start enjoying the weather – and while we may be in Britain, there will be sunshine! Why not make the most of the hot and the humid days we do get by making your home or garden ‘summer friendly’? By this, we mean that there a

Dormer windows

Dormer windows have become a popular design feature in UK housing although the term itself comes from the French word domir, meaning to sleep. Dormer windows, or simply dormers as they are often referred are the perfect way to create space and gain headroom in an otherwise restricted bedroom area. D

Specialised steelwork fabrication

SPECIALISED IN STEELWORK Here at Dio-Met you may well have noticed that we offer a huge range of different steelwork installations and fittings, ranging from glass balconies, balustrades and canopies to galvanised shed security fixtures, steel staircases and cat ladders. What you may not realise is

Buying a balcony

A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO BALCONIES Balconies are extremely popular – and while they’ve been around for centuries, more and more homeowners are keen to add a sleek and stylish lookout point to their home. And why not? They’re a fantastic talking point, they add that all-important value to your prope

Security Products

SECURITY : THE LOCK’S THE KEY! While browsing Dio-Met Online you may be under the impression that we mainly offer design and installation solutions, and that our aim is to add both style and value to your home or building. While we love offering our customers great-looking home installations to i

Bespoke Design

Bespoke Design and You While browsing Dio-Met Online you may well have found that we offer a wide range of ‘Bespoke’ services. This means that, while we offer a great (and best of all, affordable) range of pre-designed and ready-to-fit furnishings for your home, garden or office building, we are i

Family Values

Operating a family-run business like Dio-Met can bring many valuable benefits when compared to other companies for both the business itself and for it's customers. Advantages of a family-run business Stability - knowing that the company is building towards a future encourages long-term strategic t

Buy Toughened Glass

WHY TOUGHENED GLASS? Glass can bring a real touch of class to your home, but when it comes to applying it to your interior or exterior home design, it’s extremely important that you opt for material that’s been tempered, or in other words, toughened. Why is this? It’s all about safety. Toughened